Self-Hatred and Cain

man self hatred

There’s a real big difference between receiving the Blood and forgiving yourself.  I can receive the Blood and ask God for forgiveness.  I can ask forgiveness from my brothers and sisters, but there’s a totally different realm where you forgive yourself for your sin.

This is something totally different than just regular confession and forgiveness.  This is taking it into a realm of complete freedom.  For example, say I sin against Carole. I would then ask, “Carole, will you forgive me?” I receive the Blood to cleanse her and cleanse whatever the sin was. But to go back and forgive myself for whatever I did to her, to release myself from my guilt and condemnation is a totally different thing.

Why is there such torment in not forgiving yourself?
Because it’s Cain rebellion and Cain willfulness.

To not forgive yourself says, “God, I am not satisfied with Your answer; it’s NOT good enough for me.” A Cain offering attempts to devise a solution outside of God’s provision. It’s just the madness of the old self, working to solve the old nature using the old ways and that is Cain’s madness.

Cain was in torment. The reason for his torment was because he chose to believe that God was a liar and that his offering was better than God’s. The torment is justified. The torment is righteous… because it’s rejection of God.

So self-hatred is rejection of God more than it is rejection of self,
because it says, “My gyrations and my doings and my punishment…
are better than Your Answer which is Your Son’s Blood.”


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