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Communion with God is not a place; it is to BE. What do I mean by this? Peruse most Christian bookstores, and you’ll find an endless supply of how-to’s for our devotional times all seeking access to God.  They mostly present this communion as a destination. Walk this path, read these words, sing these songs and poof! You will be in communion with God.  But in reality, there is no destination, only realizing that we are.

When I segregate my work and service from my love and fellowship, I am on a treadmill of defeat. I am on a journey toward Him rather than the experiencing of Him – THIS IS A LIE.

For the disciple, He is always with us, He is always IN us, and we are always in communion. This is reality! This is not to say that I don’t have to set aside times to fellowship with the Lord, but it is not in those times alone that my relationship takes place.

As I stated in “Messy Piles and Weedy Gardens,” God understands my life. He doesn’t wait to fellowship with me when I have finished all my responsibilities. He wants to perform my responsibilities and commune with me in them. My job is to INVITE Him in. He’s already there.  The only thing that’s missing is my acknowledgment of His presence, not His actual presence.

There is no work time, quiet time, service time.  When I break myself down into roles, activities and circumstances apart from Him, I shatter the picture of my life. It breaks me down into pieces like a puzzle, causing me to live in the process of ever putting myself back together to be with Him, whole. This is a lie. There is only One unified life, not jig-sawed pieces. There’s no break between any of our actions and desires, and God. We are completely together, completely in union.

I don’t have to get to Him; He’s already there. It’s an awful life frantically trying to find someone who is already there. The continued search only blinds me further and separates me more. I’m not saying don’t seek . . . because that is godly.  What I am saying is that I am IN Him and He is IN me.

The seeking is not for access
but for His WILL.

God is not an absentee Father. Seeing Him as such leaves us in a beggarly, poverty-stricken mentality, continually lacking. It defeats our perception of the all-encompassing God. Makes us insufficient. Causes us to move out of emptiness rather than fullness. But this is not the God we serve. WE serve a God of continual fullness. In the fullness of His sufficiency, all our moments, all our seconds, all our years, all our events, EVERYTHING that is, is the Lord’s.

In Christ, every moment is complete. There is NO getting TO God; we are with Him now.

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    • arleen

      Ah yes-so true– practice the presence — move from fullness– Great comfort

    • Sam


    • pearl

      Yes if only I could live like this continually…that would be awesome…He is not just with me when I am in some deep contemplation or getting revelation from heaven, he is with me in every little place…this is a comfort to chew on!!

    • Vicki

      John, you wrote, “When I break myself down into roles, activities and circumstances apart from Him, I shatter the picture of my life.” If my communion with Him is to BE, then is my only true life lived there? My only real existence is in Him. If I’m seeing correctly, it seems that to be in Him is the only real me – – all life lived outside of Him is ‘persona’ coming from the old man. I’m seeing that “Seeking Him is not for access but for will” to be a beautiful, natural outflow of ‘being’. Oh this is so other than effort – –

      • shulamite

        YES YES YES! (-:
        “I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.” Galatians 2:20
        If this scripture is true, then all life outside of His life is just flesh’s persona masking as my life.

        • Sam

          Yes, that was the standard you shared about. It is HUGE. It is… His standard.

    • Sharon

      That is living in the kingdom of God Which is here on earth. Jesus always said the kingdom of God is at hand.

    • Sandy

      Not too long ago, I was on my knees wiping my kitchen floor and suddenly I felt Jesus right there, on His knees with me. I can say that in that one single moment Jesus was more real than in any prayer meeting, any hands laying on my head, or anything else I’ve ever done… I could have looked up and seen Him, it was that real. I need to “un-puzzle” me…

      • shulamite

        “I need to “un-puzzle” me…”

        Well, many have tried in the past and I am sure many will try in the future Sandy, I wish I could say that I escaped that particular tormenting position. I couldn’t do it with all my attempts, kind of like a spiritual Humpty Dumpty.

        I pray with all earnestness that He reveal to you the unified flow of your life in Him. That you need not unscramble the egg of your life but that you will sink down into Him and watch His incredible miracle. Schisms and shards are human, but He wants to fellowship with us in it all and perform our life. This is the whole point.
        Love and Blessing to you Sandy!

      • Sam


    • Linda

      Yes as I was cooking last night for an extended family gathering I recognized how I was enjoying the moment as I was preparing every dish. (THIS IS SO NOT LIKE ME.) Then I felt the Presence of the Holy Spirit so strongly just as if HE was the one doing all the work. It was so real and I realized it WAS HIM in me. It was such a joyous moment to realize how He simply came in and took over ‘my duties.’ Just like Sandy said….it was so real. I thought to myself if I continue to learn to let go and BELIEVE HE WILL come in to the most ordinary moments and DO the work I THINK I HAVE TO DO….life WOULD be much calmer and filled with peace. It is HIM doing it ALL NOT me. Oh precious Lord continue to teach me and let me say yes to You every moment. And THANK YOU for the moment of revelation.

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