Seek His Face, What is God Doing

Seek His Face, What is God Doing

Let’s seek the face of our Eternal King during these crises rather than entering into deep despair or worse throwing in the towel. This has been the temptation of many of us. And I can’t say that I haven’t awaken some mornings with a sense of dread. Yet in this moment the real question is, “God, What are you doing?!” Unless we will humble ourselves and pray and seek His face, how will we know?

Seek His Face

Seek His Face
Have we been so comfortable with our blessings that God has had to shake our blessed nest? Have those very blessings been a source to separate us from our Blesser? Did they make us think we could live independent and not need Him? Or did we use our blessings to indulge sin rather than making us grateful to the Father?

It seems the very strands and fibers of that which has been built for us has been tested. We have come to a crossroads where we could lose it all forever. Never is something so valuable as when it’s taken away. I’m wondering if we took for granted our many blessings, looking to them rather than the Lord, and now the Lord is placing our value on HIM as our only answer. Crisis will do that, especially when you have removed that which has made you secure.

If you look at all that has happened this last year, we’ve certainly been thrown into unprecedented circumstances. These events are nothing but EPIC. Imagine how much has changed in such a short time. But for me the whole thing smacks so hard of God’s sovereign hand. And no, it doesn’t matter if man was the source of the manipulation attempting to control. The truth is God is doing something in this situation, and my question is what, and how do I get in line with Him?

What is God Doing?

What is God Doing?
Think about it, every avenue Americans have used to attempt to manually bring about “our best” has been thwarted. Why? Are we witnessing through these events our God on the move or has He just abandoned us to our choices? I have to believe God is on the move! Could it be that He is the 5d Chess master we have been witnessing—not man?

While we have been running about trying to figure out who shot Annie, what remains important is our sovereign God who is over it all. In all this I always go back to a precious word the Lord gave me a few years back for my sister in her personal health crisis:

“Don’t look at what is happening, look at what I AM doing!”

During these crises our Great Shepherd has a purpose and plan for us personally, as well as corporately. As long as I focus on this earthly plain, I will be susceptible to the hysteria and manipulation of man on this earth. This is opposed to me having my eyes on God bringing in the Kingdom, His bringing Heaven down to earth.

This day I choose to cast my eyes upon God and only Him. I am inquiring of my God for my response and His Will in my life. We can emerge from these difficult days with a deeper relationship with our God and a greater sense of God’s Will and Ways. Ask with me! Let’s seek His face and hear His Voice. Let’s increase our knowledge of God and witness His perfection through this time. It is ordained for us to seek and find our Beloved!

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    • Jean

      Yes yes yes! I choose to cast my eyes upon God and only Him!

      • It’s life and death isn’t it Jean?! Love you!

    • Stella

      Thank you John for such a timely mind triggering & shifting words!
      Great encouragement!!
      I bless & pray for you & Martha’s writing journey so that many hungry souls for Christ out there could be fed through you folks! 😍😊 also, may the unending revelation of Christ be poured upon both of you mightly in this darkest hours.. blessings!

      • We so receive your blessing Stella! This post has been a lifeline for me and encouraging too. So grateful for your receptivity and open heart. ❤️

    • Sandy

      Doesn’t it just prove how much we need Him!? That blessing can actually separate us from Him!!
      So we really must not look at what is happening, but what He is doing!! Because THAT is what is happening!
      Love you and thank you for always being here…

    • Helen

      The crossroad of crisis is woven throughout the book of Hebrews…the Glory of All God is & gives…and our, will we go on…to incredible reward! Solid food, for those, “whose spiritual senses perceive heavenly matters”. To Value Christ, brings His Will & Way. To value what He values has become His beam of Light to my heart. In this crisis time He’s so evident as the Only Answer. Our lives are condensed down till you can’t run here & there for anything. There’s nothing ‘out there’ to weigh as possibility…our eyes have One search…Christ! I had an important decision to make..HE simply became my only plan…in faith, not struggle. We are here, in Heavens Embrace. My very apparent weakness keeps getting taken into our Lord’s striding forth…with such a look on His face… Who can resist Him! “Their faith fastened onto their promises & pulled them into reality!” Personally, and so, corporately…Expression In Christ. Oh, the blessing, end of Heb. 13!

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