Could the Saharan Dust Cloud Be Our Blessing

Could the Saharan Dust Cloud Be Our Blessing

I was with a family  member the other day and she said something that shocked me. Let me give you a little background. A few months back Martha and I watched a Netflix series called One Strange Rock. In it they discussed the production of oxygen from an odd source—The Sahara Desert. Long story short the dust from the Sahara is carried by the wind currents down to the Amazon rainforest.

So how does this help oxygen production on our planet? Well, it is an incredibly rich source of fertilizer for the entire rain forest. Here’s one of the craziest factoids from that episode. Not one ounce of that oxygen is supplied to anywhere else in the world other than the Amazon. To find out how the rest of the world receives its oxygen you’ll have to watch the series yourself. ?

Our Saharan Dust Cloud

Our Saharan Dust Cloud
Like I said, it’s absolutely fascinating. Sure, like every science source you have to maneuver around the evolutionary garbage. But the reality of what they do say is stunning.  So how does this have anything to do with the Saharan dust cloud hitting the USA?

Well, this is the thought that my sister had. Could there not be a spiritual element behind this happenstance? Is this a sign of our own fertilization? Is God telling us that He is fertilizing our soil for spiritual growth? It just could be! What if this is a sign that He is doing, something behind the scenes. It looks like a troubling situation, but is it our God at work?  

In my book The Sovereign Touch I show that God uses all things, even things we don’t count as blessings. He is so sovereign and in control that even those things that we call curse may actually be blessing. This is what it is to live under a sovereign God.

Saharan Dust, Blessing or Curse

Saharan Dust, Blessing or Curse
I remember Martha would quote someone who said, blessing or curse, who can tell. I also shared how Ravi Zacharias told a story from Middle Eastern folklore where a man loosely held life’s circumstances because we just never know where a situation will leave us. But for the child of God in the Will of God our sovereign God works ALL things together for good. All I say? Yes, all things serve the One who owns all things and we who live in His Will benefit.

This is a huge faith walk. Circumstance usually tempt me to believe the exact opposite. Everything can pose itself as a five alarm fire: Urgency, crisis, tragedy. And only faith can stand in the face of the soul withering crisis. Faith that our God is over all that wants to crush our souls and spirits.

Just the Truth

The truth is only God is above and in ALL our crisis. He can make anything blessing because He owns everything. While this doesn’t give me an excuse to just lay back and let the world pass me by, for that is a recipe for destruction. (More on our involvement Thursday) It does affirm Who is ultimately in control.

So in this time of crisis: Financial, political, governmental, moral, environmental, civil tragedy and crisis, JESUS CHRIST IS LORD. He alone is working EVERYTHING  to the glory of His Kingdom. He is over all situations, the ones you resist and the ones you embrace.

Our opinion of the world’s happenings only mentally separate us from the enjoyment of His amazing Lordship. He is Lord regardless, but our entering the rest of His amazing loving Lordship is enjoyed as we splay our hearts upon His amazing control. He is worthy of all our trust but we are frail and fearful.

All of humanity throughout all history has needed His reassuring hand. And He, full of grace, is willing to bestow on us the loving patience of a His Sovereign Touch. Oh, so patient is our ABBA Father. I entreat you, as I entreat myself, abandon yourself to your Great Beloved. He is not only worthy, He is perfectly trustworthy to handle such a delicate treasure.

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    • Alex

      This is fascinating! I want to watch that series.

    • Penny Barber

      As always, THE perfect word I need from A sovereign God through His servant John! Thanks for this message. Prayers for continued lessons!

      • I think you’ll really enjoy Thursday’s message Penny! Thank you for the encouragement, I really need this word too. Blessing you BIG!

    • Leah

      “Our opinion of the world’s happenings only mentally separate us from the enjoyment of His amazing Lordship.” WOW!!! This is so powerful! I have been reading in Martha’s booklet, Eternal Power, about the centurion on pg 22 how he in his military life “he had abdicated power, his personal life and wishes, even his own ideas, and he had learned the principal of authority.” And I’ve been asking the Lord to keep unpacking this for me and I feel like He just showed me even more about this through you! By giving up my own ideas I get to enjoy His amazing Lordship! Just WOW! Yes Jesus!! Thank you and God bless you brother!!

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