Roles of Living Life

Roles of Living Life

We have many roles and hats that we wear each and every day. We are parents, teachers, sons and daughters, pastors, cops, doctors, spouses, and the list goes on and on. Living life is about doing as much as being. As we live life, we live out our various roles and callings. But is it me or He that must be these roles?

Living Life Roles

Living Life Roles
I contend that every role I have been ascribed from son to shepherd, artist to minister, is a role and assignment for Jesus not me. Are you a husband or wife? It is Christ who intends to live out your life with your spouse. He is to be the husband to your wife, and the wife for your husband. Do I have brothers or sisters? Jesus desires to be the brother to my siblings. This is simply amazing.

As we enter into the holiday season, most of us have family roles going to eleven. And it is the Lord who wants to meet them in me. He wants to interact through me, as me. I get the opportunity to witness Him in me interacting with them. I get the privilege of knowing Christ more as He performs my life and relationships. My desired nearness to Him is brought about as I witness He in me. Jesus walks the earth in me.

Here is the kicker. Even when I have a work holiday, He wants to live out that holiday through me. My rest is still about Him not me. He is my life in totality and He is the living out of my life. I can’t say that I am an expert in this, but it is my choice. And even our place of inability to live in the Exchanged Life is His to face, not mine.

Living Life in Christ

Living Life in Christ
What then stands between me and experiencing Christ in me? It’s my preference for self over Him. If my desire is to know Him above all other knowledge, I will give Him the preeminence. He will have the position to perform while I witness. Do I desire to experience Him in my vacation or am I just trying to take a break for myself? It isn’t as if Jesus doesn’t want me to have rest. Actually, the exchanged life is all about rest. If I seek the adventure of knowing Him in my holiday, I will experience Him. It’s all about preference and His will. My life is always about my will; His life is always about His.

During this holiday I am choosing to witness Jesus’ Will and Life rather than mine. I want to leave this season knowing more of who He is as opposed to increasing my knowledge of what I feel, think or am. There is no real mystery to me, my life, or my happenings. Since we all have sinned and continually fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23), mankind is dull. But Christ in me is fascination and wonder. As I watch Him do what I am completely incapable of doing, I love Him more. I feel near to Him because Jesus is me. As Jennifer says, “You can’t be closer to someone than for them to live in your own body.” This is my choice for the holidays!

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    • tammy

      “…it is the Lord who wants to meet them in me. He wants to interact through me, as me.” Such is my desire.

      Each year our every growing family gathers together (for several days) in our home to share Thanksgiving. Each personality is unique and for the most part can be pretty entertaining. This gathering is prayed over MUCH, before it ever happens and even more so once they’re all together. I pray that each family member will be met by Jesus in me and that He will be exactly what they need. This year as it would happen, the “littles” weren’t the only ones in need of some correction. He amazed me as an issue was addressed. Had it been me, the issue would have been swept aside and left to fester for who knows how long. The correction was received with grace (at least as far as I know lol!) and change was immediately evident. HE orchestrated the entire thing! I praise Him for the problem, for His addressing it, and for His gift of allowing me to see the difference HE – not me – made.
      Praying blessings over each of you this holiday season and giving Him thanks for the prayers I know that are being said for me.
      I love & miss you all!

      • shulamite

        You always apply, reflect, and implement…you are an amazing sister and tremendous fertile ground. We just love you very much Tammy. I pray your Holidays are great and filled with His Life and Presence!

    • Bruce Dickey

      “…My life is always about my will; His life is always about His.”
      “…I am choosing to witness Jesus’ Will and Life rather than mine.”

      Gal 2:20 I have been crucified with Christ. IT IS NO LONGER I WHO LIVE, BUT CHRIST WHO LIVES IN ME. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.

      I have for some time now thought that as a believer and a Christian we are to MAINTAIN a consciousness of Christ, fixing our eyes to see and ears to hear Him. But the fact is if I am His, I don’t have to MAINTAIN anything. All I have to do is LET. It is MY presumption and effort that often stands as an obstacle to Christ.

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