Rise and Bow

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• In light of recent current events, I want to interrupt my present series and publish this post. On Friday I will continue with the next post on befriending self. •

You know I occasionally enjoy going systematically through the books of Judges and Kings in the Bible.  I just start in the beginning and follow the path of the Israelite people.  And without fail God always speaks to me with something that relates to me currently. A fresh insight from ancient Words that relates to life today.  Well, as I have scoured the passages for His thoughts and mind, I believe I heard Him say, “Don’t rise, bow!”

You know I love America.  I have been one of the many who can say that the Lord’s blessing on our country has blessed me.  If you travel just beyond our boarders even a short distance, things are remarkably different.  We are so incredibly prosperous.  Even in our poverty we are rich in comparison.

So while trying not to get political, I have grieved at many of the choices we are making as a country.  This isn’t a party thing; this is an epidemic of apparent ignorance.  We, as a people, are driving our country into the ground.  It is as if we were purposing to destroy our country. If it was our intention, we couldn’t do it any more effectively.

My inevitable response is Lord, what? Why? How come? I want to rise up and scream, STOP! This is my country that I enjoy and love, STOP IT! But I think there is a LARGER Factor here at play.

Let’s go to the book of Judges.  Over and over they did the same thing, doing evil in the sight of the Lord and the Lord handed them over to an enemy. Once, twice, three times? No, over and over again.  It’s our human pattern.

So if our government officials are destroying our country, and no man is in government that has not been put there by God Himself . . . then this must be God.

Everyone must submit to governing authorities.
For all authority comes from God,
and those in positions of authority
have been placed there by God.
Romans 13:1

My next logical question is: How do I respond?

What I have learned from my Israeli brothers is bow and cry.  The momentum of this destructive wave is overwhelming.  It is astounding how relentlessly we are being dismantled. My job is not to rise up in my RIGHTS; it is to bow to the Lord of my rights.

I earnestly believe that my position of surrender and yielding to God as God is more dynamic than my vote or voice.  He doesn’t need to see my raised fist.  No, He needs my bowed neck.  I don’t know if we can stay the hand of the inevitable, but I do know God is my answer.

Martha recently wrote a booklet called “Kingdom Safety.” In it she addresses quite directly how we can dwell in the unshakable amidst the collapsible.  I highly recommend it for such a time as this.

Here’s a quote from Kingdom Safety:

“When God shakes all things,
the obedient stand intact and
the disobedient collapse in ruin.”
Martha Kilpatrick

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    • norm

      Very Insightful John. We Need To Bow, To Humble Ourselves To His Authority. He Then Also Gives Us 2 Chronicles 7:14. Amazing How God Lines Us Up.
      Yesterday I Was Meditating On The Pledge Of Alliegence And Where That’s Been Filed away.

    • Tina

      Yes, I agree. God has been separating me, in my mindset to see the political realm on differently, on all sides of the parties for a few years. We must choose Christ, His truth, His ways and His will and not focus on issues that are not the real issue. Of course I am not in favor of abortion etc. but the choices go much deeper and many hide behind these as smokescreens and continue to choose paths of destruction and death. Deliver us Father that we may be a people who trust in You again.

    • Susan

      Yes this is true John. As I have spent the last 3 weeks with my Israeli brothers and we searched the scriptures revealing Yah’s judgement in history, so we are seeing now. As the beast rises and the old system, kingdom is brought low, HIS kingdom will prevail.

    • Sam

      I have vote but I really cannot choose HOW my president would rule once he/she gets to power. Likewise, I cannot choose what nation I am born in. I am told this or that other “land” is my homeland… is it really?

      Not real freedom in this issue of “nations.”

      Curiosuly enough, God TRIED to get married with His creation through a whole nation… and Israel (we) didn’t want Him as Husband.

    • jack

      And have an ongoiing and increasing intimate relationship with our precious Lord Jesus.

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