Resting in the Dignity of Christ

Resting in the Dignity of Christ

There’s a passage in Martha’s booklet, Consider the Lily, which checks my fretting and encourages me to let go.

“The quiet dignity of Christ is fascinating. The Son of Man dwelled far above humanity’s fret and sweat.

Jesus was never conflicted by two thoughts, two options. He had a single eye on a solitary Focus and no threat or danger or evil could divert His attention.

The Lord Jesus never ran in hurry and never fled in fear. When humanity would have crowned Him king of their agenda, He merely walked away…or vanished.

Jesus confronted but He would not wrestle. He invited but never captured. He never pounded on doors, nor pressured a disciple into His flock. The Lord would not chase the rich young ruler. He refused to persuade or explain, but to His followers He gave the secrets of the kingdom.

Discouragement did not occur to Him. Fear never compelled Him. Jesus bowed to no one and nothing. Christ rested in the One Power above the universe, the sole dominion of His Father.

The sublime dignity of Jesus was TRUST in Another Life.”

The dignity of Christ that Martha reveals here goes with my revelation of believing that God makes all things new. It’s not the promise that my belief is rooted in but the God who made it. When I rest in Jesus’ own “TRUST in Another Life,” I am in the quiet dignity of Christ.

The Dignity of Christ Doesn’t Try

The Dignity of Christ Doesn’t Try
When I trust in God’s Life and not my own, then I’m not fretting and sweating my way through this world—because it’s not all on me. When I feel stressed by a situation or pressured by a person, then it’s a sure bet that I’m not trusting the life of Christ in that moment. I get stressed when I trust ME to do what needs doing. I feel pressure when it’s on ME to save someone, to fix them or help them or – God forgive me – make them happy. Jesus was free to respond to His life and the people in it with love and absolute freedom because He trusted His Father to sovereignly handle it all.

I am never so undignified as when I’m trying rather than abiding. When the weight of the world is on my shoulders (because I put it there), I will beg, borrow, cajole, manipulate, fight, and chase to settle that weight. The dignity of Christ is but a dream when I’m steering the ship. In that state I have no dignity, and I am likely to trample the dignity of others without even noticing.

The Amplified Bible ‘amplifies’ the word ‘believe’ with “trust in, rely on, remain steadfast to.” Distrust of God is a huge obstacle to believing in Him, so the Holy Spirit is faithful to uncover all the areas where we don’t trust Him. He will also let us know when we’ve left the dignity of Christ to flail around in the mud of effort. I’m especially grateful for that.

God’s promise of entering His rest still stands, so we ought to tremble with fear that some of you might fail to experience it.
Hebrews 4:1 NLT

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    • Seth

      “He will also let us know when we’ve left the dignity of Christ to flail around in the mud of effort.”

      What a word picture. Thank you for this clear message.

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