Requiring God as My Vital Necessity

Desperation and the Vital Necessity

Square One of Vital Necessity
I wonder if, from time to time, God sets up our circumstances so that we have to go back to zero. Many of us have done a lot of work in the process of forgiveness and repentance, but we never have the liberty to say, “I am done with this!” until God Himself makes that statement. Yes, I can make my choices to set the direction of my heart as a once and forever dealing, but often God will take us back to these same choices to solidify their reality.

My Vital Necessity at Zero

My Vital Necessity at Zero
Today I’m having one of those days that says, “Have I even made the first step in this direction?” Maybe it’s the enemy or possibly God pushing me for a deeper level of choice, but today feels rather squishy under my feet. My heart is not where I would like it to be and it disturbs me. Yet I do know one thing. Usually when you’re at your lowest, completely destitute of the realities you’ve chosen, God is about to do a miracle.

Then you will seek Me, inquire for, and require Me [as a vital necessity] and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.
Jeremiah 29:13 AMP

Ground zero is not only about human deficit; it’s also about human dependence. I’m in a place that has to require Him as my vital necessity. In actuality, we are always there, but sometimes the soul can fool us to think we are just fine on our own.

My temptation in this state is to focus on my lack and spiral into a pool of despair, but the call of God is to look up and see that my Redeemer draweth nigh. The enemy always wants to pull my eyes down to gaze upon myself and to look at the circumstances, but God’s holy purpose is for the miraculous. Our desperation is God’s invitation to us to experience His miraculous intervention.

Desperation and the Vital Necessity

man in Desperation looking up for his Vital Necessity
I write this post as an encouragement to any who feel the desperation of need. This is for those entering into a desperate time or standing in the midst of testing. In a crisis of belief is where we require God to be our vital necessity.

But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.
Hebrews 11:6 NKJV

Phillips translates this scripture this way: The man who approaches God must have faith in two things, first that God exists and secondly that it is worth a man’s while to try to find God.

In this light, maybe our desperate situations aren’t as despairing as they seem. Maybe they’re purposed to turn us toward the One for whom we’re actually desperate. By requiring God as our vital necessity, we stand opposed to all that would say He neither exists nor is worth our while to find.


* Required as Vital is an amazing booklet by Martha about what it means to require God as our vital necessity.

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    • sue

      John, bless you for drawing us to search for God as out vital necessity and to go back to “Required as Vital”.
      When you all point us to something Martha has put in print, really confirms the blogs always brings new light
      to my walk.

    • Sam

      Usually when you’re at your lowest, completely destitute of the realities you’ve chosen, God is about to do a miracle…

      Destitute of “the realities you have chosen”. In a word: “destitute of our own faiths”. I understand your standing point.

      I believe those in the faith of Jesus have to live like Daniel and his friends: being handed over to death in the furnace of death… “so that His life can be manifested”. But those in Jesus must DAILY live in the furnace!

      Oh, people. We see this as negative because we have adult’s eyes of “doing it”. If could enter this as children, with fullness of trust, it would be a joy to live in the dependance of a Saviour to save us from death every day (though not from the furnace itself, that’s the adventure of faith!)

      I believe faith is surrounded of fire and dark… always. Look at the pillars of fire and “smoke” in the wilderness with the hebrew people.

      Let’s the furnace of death embraze our lives!

    • Sandy

      I find “ground zero” is the norm – it’s who we actually are…

      It’s all that thinking that kills us…

    • LT

      Wow John, I really needed that today. Thank you, thank you. And bless you!

    • Irene

      Yes John. Jesus tells us that we can do nothing apart from Him. I am grateful for your transparent heart and for reminding us of Martha’s booklet which is amazing. I am lifting your name before His throne of grace today dear brother in Christ.

    • Pauline

      “Our desperation is God’s invitation to us to experience His miraculous intervention.” His and His alone. Such a solo journey…recently, just gave up even mentioning “secret things” I’m dealing with — not worth the time and disappointment when there’s only One Who understands. Cry out and wait; Faithful is His name.

    • paul

      Powerfully encouraging words, John! Thank you for letting us know that you also sit where we sit and share in the same battles. May God strengthen all of us to see Him only as ALL that is required as vital…and in our utter weakness, His strength is made perfect! So grateful for this timely word today, John! Bless you!

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