Repentance Leading to the Next Great Revival

Repentance Leading to the Next Great Revival

In my last post I showed that there are two choices in this life, one is for The Kingdom of Heaven and the other is the realm of darkness. And while many in the church are hoping for the next great revival to sweep this country and world, much of this will rely on our choice, as well as our repentance for where we have not chosen God and His Kingdom in the past. This is highly individual and finger pointing is not necessary. “They” don’t need to repent…WE ALL DO!

In This Hour

In This Hour
In this hour our values and standards are being regularly violated. The question is what is to be my response? Could it just be to repent? Is repentance the call of the hour? I think so! The fights for our rights will be fought for us. If we repent for where we have not been in line with the Lord. For our choosing self and our way over the Way of Christ.

In no other time in our country have we had the violation of our Christian values more prevalent and in our face. The Judeo-Christian standards that founded our country, which has allowed us to live under the amazing blessing of God, are under assault. Voices in the political left, the mainstream media, and from most in Hollywood utterly attack these values daily. Where before there might be a snide, off color comment aimed as a barb, now it’s become a torrent of slander, mockery, and disdain. Personally it feels like a tsunami of sewage. The heat has been turned way up against God and any part of God’s Ways. It’s a plot and plan to annihilate our Christian world and we who stand with the King.  But again what is to be my NOW response?

Are we being unduly treated in these times? Is any of this fair? Well, fairness has nothing to do with it. In recent posts, I have said that the call of the hour is to listen and hear what the Father is saying. It is not time to fight for our rights as Christians. What is being addressed is my dire need for repentance.

Repentance for the Next Great Revival

Repentance for the Next Great Revival
You might say, “Repentance for what?!” Well, the Lord must lead us there. All true repentance emanates from the mind of God not from the card trick of “pick a sin, any sin.” But I do know, at the bottom it will be all about our choices. Who I chose to serve, God or self (and Satan).

Here is a quote by a well-known atheist, Richard Dawkins, who seems to relay the message behind much of the vitriol in those who oppose God.

The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully.” ~  From the book, The God Delusion

The super prevalent atheism of this nation is attempting to eradicate God, releasing us from His sovereign rule over our lives and shatter His Will’s intrusion. The endless banter and chatter of the godless is unrelenting, but the good news is that this pressure has become a force that has demanded us to make a firm stand and choice on one side or the other! I am watching people all around emphatically making a stand for our Judeo-Christian values, some who might not even know Christ. Where once we winked or turned aside so we didn’t have to sully ourselves with the entanglement of that which is dirty, now we are being demanded to boldly proclaim or lose it forever. It is like God is saying, “Do you really want the next great revival, then take a stand?”

We are now being pressed to choose

We are now being pressed to choose
I have loved witnessing the transformation of many nominal Christians. It is truly a beautiful sight to see. For instance, look at all the men who are now taking an ardent stand against abortion in our land. No longer is it just a discussion for kooks, religious fanatics, and street preachers. Real men and women are standing against this heinous evil, and again it is beautiful.

Am I saying we should just roll over and not stand for our rights? No! But what I am saying is we have got to come to this fight clean and clear. It won’t be for me, me, and more ME! It will be for Him and His Kingdom. I will have my rights upheld by the God who gave them to me as I stand in Him. I am being called to clear the decks through repentance and then the Lord of the Battle will fight for me. Sure, He may have me march or protest but I will do it as one washed and cleansed. This will have far more power than fighting the God-hating rebellious in my rebellion.

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    • Jean

      Oh yes, Lord! Take us to repentance!

    • Helen

      (Sparks) “the time will come when, through deep crisis & upheavals in our lives, we shall move up to the fact that Christ, & union with Him, is something infinitely greater than we had ever imagined.” Deep heart repentance brings full regard as to Who God IS, & Who IS God. In all the small & the big things of life, we are ‘meant’ to be, His. We are intended, placed, maybe we could say installed by Christ, in our sitting down & rising up, moments, days, events, circumstances, & purposes…as small as me, & as all encompassing as God. And for this Life that is “Christ in me, the hope of glory”, two scenes come to mind. Paul in Gal.1, saying, really, you know what I did, what I was like, ‘But something happened!’ ‘It pleased God to reveal His Son within me, so that I might proclaim Him among the Gentile’s.’ And Esther’s words, “for such a time as this”. Out of true humility & clinging to God in obedience, came legacy that said, Christ!

      • In no other time in my life have I seen “for such a time as this” more applicable. Thank you Helen for this! May He be pleased to reveal the Life of His Son within me, now and for always. Love you

    • Don Hartness

      When we can brush off the hateful words of our enemies, calmly look them in the eye while saying “I understand your viewpoint but you are missing something”, and then demonstrate what they are missing through the love we give them, that is when we will begin to see revival. If they don’t see the power and glory of the Lord through our unnatural behavior, how will they ever believe?

      • So true Don! Unless I am the living evidence of Christ’s own Life, however He chooses to manifest that, no one will believe there is anything different between me and say the members of the local community service group. Bless you man!

    • Wanda

      This is speaking to me the same as a little booklet I am reading right now called “Continuous Revival” by Norman Grubb.. I don’t think many of us realize the absolute necessity and importance of repentance. Thank you John for your faithfulness. Much love to all.

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