Relationship with God

Relationship with God

While driving to the pool the other day, I had a talk with God. I asked Him, “What is it You’re looking for in relationship with me? What is it, God, that You desire?”

Relationship Formula

Relationship Formula
I think it’s very common to look for a relational formula with God. I think we get in our heads what our relationship is intended to look like rather than seeking Him in relationship. Say I believe He’s only found in scripture reading and study. Or possibly only in quiet moments alone while singing in worship. Maybe He’s found only in intercession and prayer times or a carefully crafted combination of each of these. I believe we can find ourselves in a rut with any of these when they of themselves become the source. And although they all are wonderful, they can become a spiritual treadmill in lieu of a real relationship with God. This happens when they become a pattern or formula we rely on rather than pursuing actual relationship.

So here I come to God inquiring, “What does relationship look like between You and I? What is Your current design for our relationship?” I say current because what may be fellowship today could be dry, shredded wheat tomorrow.

Relationship Answer

Relationship Answer
In this post, I’m not going to share His full answer to me, because my answer would be different than yours. My answer is mine and mine alone. That’s what relationship is: completely individual. Which one of us would want a textbook formula in our most personal relationships? Methods are cold and calculated, void of heart. We all want relationships out of the interaction of relating—natural, free flowing and personal.

There’s one thing I will share about what He said in response to my question. It’s something we explored on a past podcast. One of the major areas where God has relationship with us is in the working of the cross into our daily lives. It’s finding Him in my daily cross and experiencing His Resurrected Life.

My Life is Set-Up for Relationship with God

My Life is Set-Up for Relationship
He has set up a platform with my name on it. It’s my life. There may be multitudes of people in my life participating on my platform, but ultimately the stage is set for Him and me alone. He’s the only solution for all of my life quandaries. And it’s only in relationship with Him that these dilemmas will be resolved and I’ll enter my destiny.

Relationship is found in my cross and crushing. I said, “What is it to walk with You? What do You want, God? What do You want from me in relationship?” Part of His answer was this: relationship is found in the cross. Shockingly, relationship is found in the crushing of my will and the subsequent emerging of His Life. My death produces a fragrance that wafts up to His pleasure.

Relationship with God is taking His hand and walking with Him through every moment—painful, exhilarating, loving, angry, etc. Every moment is with Him. Christ went to His cross alone so He could stand with me in mine.

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    • tammy

      “Relationship with God is taking His hand and walking with Him through every moment—painful, exhilarating, loving, angry, etc. Every moment is with Him. Christ went to His cross alone so He could stand with me in mine.”


    • Deborah

      Beautiful and Amen.

    • Sandy

      That we would find Christ at the cross is so “obvious.” But I have the impression that most Christian’s, if the truth be told, wouldn’t be able to say they really know Christ… And that has always puzzled me…
      Perhaps we haven’t met Christ because we haven’t taken up our daily cross but chosen to follow our own gospel, expecting Him to meet us there instead…

      I loved this post. It is so true John…

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    • David

      The Way of the cross leads Home.

    • layman Lee

      so very,very true,John you have grown alot since My first contact with
      Shulamate. Shalom, Lee

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