Relationship with Christ Found in the Will of God 

We have relationship with God when we’re in His Will. He has a life slot for each of us, a position designed for our functioning and life. And unless we are in that place (His Will) we can NOT be in true relationship with Jesus. The Father defines this position, which is our life, and to resist it is rebellion. We have no relationship with God in rebellion to His Will. Our Maker defines the course of our life and relationship with Him. Failure to remain in that position is to fail to truly live.

Will of God

Will of God
We don’t define the parameters of living the victorious Life, but when we live within the boundaries God sets up, we become rich. All provision, all relationship with Him, and all supply for everything is found in His order which is by His Will! His order is ALWAYS perfect!

“So you also are complete through your union with Christ, who is the head over every ruler and authority.”
Colossians 2:10 NLT

In the Will of God we find Life, love, and fulfillment. Not that He doesn’t always love us all, but our experience of His love is only found in His Will. Yes, we are complete and in union with Christ when we live in His Will. We are under His authority in His Will and this is the place of safety and provision. Conversely, when we are not in His Will we are in rebellion and separating ourselves from our union. This rogue position is disastrous to our body, soul, and spirit.

Relationship with God

Relationship with God 
It encourages me so much that God has ordained my path prior to my ever walking it. He knows the beginning and the end. I choose to walk in His Will because I want every benefit that comes with this course. The list is extensive but here are a few: I experience His Life and sonship in my very life. Yes, I get to witness the Son of God as we live the adventure. I receive the love of the Father through the Life of the Son. Christ expresses His Love for the Father in me. I no longer have to fret or fear about things that sustain my life. The Father amply supplies all my NEEDS. I live in the Father’s satisfaction and am satisfied. When I live in the Will of God I have that divine sense of everything being in order. There is no other place than the Will of God that I gain the sense that everything is right and perfect.

Being In the Family

This list is just the scratching of the surface of the magnitude of blessing I receive in the Will of God. But one of the best is that I am family. Christ says, I am His brother when I am in the Will of God. Imagine, actual familial union with the King of kings. No longer am I a bastard or orphan, I am His brother in the Will of God. The benefits so outweigh the effort, and to attempt to trek it on my own in my ideas of what is expedient is just a game for fools.

Jesus asked, “Who is my mother? Who are my brothers?” Then he pointed to his disciples and said, “Look, these are my mother and brothers. Anyone who does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother!
Matthew 12:48-50 NLT

“When you obey my heavenly Father, that makes you a part of my true family.”
Matthew 12:50 NLT

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    • Wanda

      the Father’s boundaries are not limitations or restrictions, but security and freedom. Praise His Name. I really like this teaching. Thank you. Much love to all.

      • It is very much security and freedom for sure Wanda! Wonderful point. It may feel like limits and restriction but you are absolutely right, it is secure and freedom to actually live…! Love you right back.

    • Celia

      So true, thanks for sharing! What I wanted, the things I wanted muffled, hid, clouded my reception of His love. Until I saw only His beauty, not my wants, desires, hopes, getting in the way; all stripped away…once I was reduced only to Christ; only to His beauty, His goodness, His love; then everything in my life became beautiful, good and wanted. His will, His sovereignty, His ways; the one thing I need, the One thing needful. Many thanks to this ministry for giving me words and understanding of this process.

      • Thank you for being so receptive and open to us, this ministry, and His Life in us. You are a keeper! Blessings and lobe to you Celia!

    • Deborah

      Stay in the Ruby Slippers…there is no place like home!

      • how about some red sneakers for me…? But the WILL of God is certainly home! Bless you Deborah.

        • Deborah

          Lol..ok…but I will take Dorothy’s shoes! I saw them once…I had waited all of my life to see them. They were covered in red sequins! Princess shoes?

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