The Relationship Found in Sovereignty

The Relationship Found in Sovereignty

“God’s heavenly throne is eternal, secure, and strong, and His sovereignty rules the entire universe.
Psalms 103:19 TPT

I might not be able to answer the many whys of life, but I can answer the all-important Who! Sovereignty doesn’t placate our whys; it introduces us to the Who. Sovereignty is one of the most fascinating and frightening realities of our world. Knowing that I am completely at the mercy of an All-Powerful God is awesome. And my belief of this sovereign God will cement my path. If I believe Him to be selfish and malicious, I will live in stark terror. On the other hand, if I believe Him to be who He says He is, I can live in utter fascination and a child-like wonder will overtake me and keep me astonished.

Guarantees of Sovereignty

Guarantees of Sovereignty
Do I have any guarantees if I abandon myself into the great mystery of sovereignty? Only one. That God will be proven good and that His perfection will invade my life. I won’t be tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine, but rather I will be carried by the wind of the Spirit. Is there a predictable jet stream within this heavenly wind? No, to the naked eye it might actually appear to be blowing in a chaotic manner. But the air flow will be perfectly ordered in the Will of the Father. I will live in His perfect Will and will be in the true family of disciples.

Then gesturing to the disciples gathered around Him, he said, “Look closely, for this is my true family. When you obey my heavenly Father, that makes you a part of my true family.”
Matthew 12:49-50 TPT

True Disciple and Family

True Disciple and Family
A true disciple is someone who lives in the Will of God, and this correlates with His sovereign will. Trust and faith in His sovereignty is the disciple’s path. I don’t believe you can be a disciple if you aren’t embracing sovereignty. God’s sovereignty is God being God. Sovereignty goes beyond ending my rule over life; it accepts and makes peace with God’s rule over my ALL—my blessings and my failures, my joy and my suffering.

Yes, it is daunting and often overwhelming for even the best of us. For every one of us who has lived for self to be called to release ourselves into the current and flow of the Holy Spirit is fear-provoking. But if we release ourselves into His holy gale, like a feather in the wind, His breeze will carry us where we need to be.

Relationship and Sovereignty

Relationship and Sovereignty
The acceptance of sovereignty takes us to another level. Our struggles with the past, with abuse, with misfortune of every kind gets enfolded into a place beyond acquiescence and leads us face to face with God. All of a sudden, our deepest fears and haunting accusations are obliterated in the trust of our sovereign God.

Distrust destroys a relationship one suspicion at a time. I can’t have a true, living relationship with someone that I can’t trust. Trust undergirds my vulnerability. Call it faith or trust, but without it, I can neither have relationship with God nor please Him. And without relationship, how can I be a disciple who’s following Him? No, accepting sovereignty is the grand test and launching pad of my relationship with the Lord.

Sovereignty is the Will of the Father and accepting it is in the Life of the Son. How can I have the exchanged Life, where Christ lives my life, if I don’t have faith in the validity of His choices? So much rides on my acceptance of God’s sovereignty. It’s a real-time barometer for the temperature of my heart and relationship with my God.

“The sovereignty of God is that golden sceptre in His hand by which He will make all bow, either by His word or by His works, by His mercies or by His judgements.”
Thomas Brooks

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    • tammy

      The whys of life are of no consequence. It’s only the Sovereign WHO that we have need to know.

      • Beautifully said Tammy. Love you! Thank you for always pursuing the Great Who.

    • Shirley C

      Faith and trust in God’s Sovereignty, for me, connects to 1 John 4:16-18. A relationship with God, in Christ Jesus, is the perfect Love that casts out all (every) fear. No longer why’s but Who, as you brilliantly related. Thanks John

      • Love it Shirley, and yes thank you for adding this. Focusing on the why’s does create fear, doesn’t it.

        I love this part of your verse too. Those who are living in love are living in God, and God lives through them.

        Bless you Shirley, thanks for commenting!

    • Helen

      The embrace is the release. We are carried initio His Will when we are feather weights; nothing resisting the “holy gale”. An embrace has lost its reluctance & comes with whole heart & whole life, trusting “God’s rule over my–ALL”. “God will be proven good & His perfection will invade my life.” Trusting Him in it, I see Him over it. I love your word “enfolded”; that says it perfectly, it leaves the mystery be WHO HE IS. (HE is the ‘sense’ of my life) We see His Sovereignty & His Goodness in the embrace, we see God as God, & our hearts say, “it is perfect”, because it’s Him. Christ Lived the Embrace, & He lives it with us, for us, in us. What a place from which to see & know HIM!

      • I heard His say that word when writing this. It was so clear. And I agree it fits perfectly. Feather weights, is a perfect view! Love you Helen, thanks for sharing!

      • Wanda

        That is beautiful, Helen. You have a wonderful way with words. God bless you

    • deborah

      I have lived a great deal of my life in the typical peace maker middle child style…waiting for the other shoe to drop…try to keep all of the plates spinning…I naturally gravitate to trying to fix things…always seeking…like the Bee I am named after…Deborah…I find that the only antidote to the deep anxiety I have grappled with and the tendency to look back and lament over what is the past and dead is this…. staying in conversation with Him…even if it’s just me talking LOL. Worshipping and praying in the Spirit. My favorite book of all time is Practicing the Presence of God. That book teaches me so much about sovereignty and trust. I read it very often. I feel a great burden living in this flesh and I long to be separated from it. Josh Garrells wrote this song that I just love.
      His take on Farther Along….

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