The Reality of Our Unseen Realm

The Reality of Our Unseen Realm

Recently I’ve read some books that are in a genre I don’t regularly frequent—science fiction. There is nothing wrong with this genre, I just don’t usually read many sci-fi books. Yet Jennifer recommended a few and I’ve in fact enjoyed them all. So why am I telling you this?! In today’s post I want to go a little sci-fi. In actuality, it’s less about fiction but rather spiritual-fact. The connection is it still requires us to suspend our earthly reason and logic to believe in something fantastical. We live in the Reality of our unseen realm.

The Unseen Realm

The Unseen Realm
As I’ve read each of these sci-fi books, what I have enjoyed is seeing a world beyond the world in which we live. I’ve found it an interesting concept that the world we see is not actually the world which is real. Essentially, we function in a shell world, but that world is not our true reality. For the spiritual man or woman this probably rings as truth because it is the fact of our lives. Our lives are now hidden in Christ.

You are dead to the things of this world. Your new life is now hidden in God through Christ.
Colossians 3:3 NLV

My entanglement in this world is actually a hindrance to my True Life and not a benefit. It doesn’t mean that my actions on earth aren’t judged or important. But the importance of my earthly circumstance pales in the face of my heavenly Reality. As a born-again believer, my life is hidden in Christ—I no longer live, Christ lives in me. Being that this is my True Reality, now my life is relegated to bringing heaven down to earth. Martha extensively goes into this in the series Experiencing the Depths of the Lord’s Prayer and The Power of Prayer. I highly recommend them!

Fact or Fiction of The Unseen Realm

Fact or Fiction of The Unseen Realm
While I was writing this, Martha shared a statement that I made a while back. It’s always interesting when someone quotes you back to you. I think her timing was perfect. She quoted me saying, “Facts are fiction without the Creator of Reality.” Wow, that will play. And searching this statement on this blog, I found where I had said this in 2014.

Here is my point in all this. Daily this world throws us facts. Facts about our health, facts about the news and politics, facts about “how we see things,” but these facts are simply fiction without the Creator of our Reality. It is mine to believe them as fact or to put faith in My Reality Maker for my Truth.

The fantastical worlds created by the authors of sci-fi might not be your cup of tea, but these writers acknowledge the inescapable truth: there is another realm beyond the one we see. In our very DNA we know there’s a realm beyond the world we can see. For the child of God we know that this unseen realm is in Christ and eternal, while the world we see is just temporal. And our unseen realm is not just a pie in the sky heavenly reward, it’s our NOW reality.

Unseen Realm NOW

Unseen Realm NOW
I might be consumed with the happenings of my seen reality but there’s a greater seeing for me in Christ. It is there where miracles and wonder happen first, and it is mine to bring that Magic down to earth.

If you are then “risen” with Christ, reach out for the highest gifts of Heaven, where your Master reigns in power. Give your heart to the heavenly things, not to the passing things of earth. For, as far as this world is concerned, you are already dead, and your true life is a hidden one in Christ. One day, Christ, the secret centre of our lives, will show Himself openly, and you will all share in that magnificent denouement.
Colossians 3:1-4 Phillips

In my next post I am going to discuss why we must have faith in an unseen realm to please God.

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    • Jacquelyn

      “Facts are fiction without the Creator of Reality.” Perfect! Exactly what I needed to hear this morning. Thank you John.

      • shulamite

        Me too! Love you Jacquelyn!

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