Racked for Prayer

Racked for Prayer

John’s posts about the tragic Dallas slaughter and his word from God, “Let it rack you,” let me see I was holding in my own grief—and with it my passion. I think, like many, I felt the helplessness and thought, “It’s just too painful.”

So I wept for all, the tragedy of human evil for everyone, the injustice of the innocent’s death, the dark delusion that drives all hate and murder. As I let myself face the tragedy, I sobbed ­– for everyone – and I found my spirit’s purpose in these increasingly terrible times.

I watched the news as all sides grappled for a way to solve this unsolvable. One person said to remove guns. Another said that we need to talk and listen to each other. One expert said it’s a mental health problem. Then citizens are urged to watch and report anything suspicious. No one had any workable solution for a problem that has already exploded beyond remedy.

And I went again to our only hope: Jesus Christ.

Prayer for Revival

Prayer for Revival
His transforming power is greater than any human effort. HE alone can reach the desperate, change the wicked, comfort the hurting, protect the innocent. The only solution is a true spiritual revival. And revival must be prayed in, a mighty assault against all the Satanic forces at work. We Christians have the victory – His name is Jesus. And the Holy Spirit is the power, the incentive, the source of prayer…

“So the impelling power of our prayer is the Zeal of Christ Himself, imparted by the Holy Spirit!”
The Secret to Answered Prayer

I have written before about the coming revival, perhaps the last outpouring of the Spirit for salvation. In some arenas, that revival has already begun. I have seen in the Spirit that intercession for revival will spread across the nation. Know that this is Jesus’ extraordinary passion for the lost before His return. I know many who have heard this calling to enter a great move of intercession for revival. To save the nation? Not necessarily. This cry of the Lord’s heart is for souls and that will change and impact history.

Prayer has to come from Above.
“Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

The secret to answered prayer is the Holy Spirit and He is sent by our request of the Father! The Spirit IS prayer, the Agent of Prayer.

If you then, being evil, [that is, sinful by nature] know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask and continue to ask Him!
Luke 11:13 AMP

The first, the most important prayer is to pray fervently for prayer!

Prayer of Blessing

Prayer of Blessing
Whenever we meet, see or pass a police vehicle, John raises his hand and blesses the officers and all law enforcement personnel. He has done so as long as I have known him, which is some 21 years. That is a lot of blessing!

I find this so poignant now. Wonder what he will see in heaven as the result.

Funny, I never thought about our different passions for prayer and blessing. I bless African-Americans whenever I see them and I’ve prayed for them as a group for years. It seems the Lord has been just quietly leading us with His heart’s desire! I don’t think we realized that what just seemed natural could be preparation for these days. Join us for the adventure?

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    • tammy

      “He who has ears, let them hear.”

    • Hannah

      Thank you Martha for praying for our community. I remember when I met you and you shared that with me; I was touched. Know that your prayers are being heard and the Lord is going to bring a mighty revival to the African American community. There’s a remnant that’s crying out for His glory to be revealed and I believe we’re on the verge of something great. I’m seeing some change in my little corner of the world and I’m grateful.

    • sue

      oh Martha, i feel HIS heart pouring through this post as you share your passion and John’s (of course he did in his post also) . This revelation of the Spirit gave HIS spirit in me the freedom to weep at these horrific times, as well as weep over the blessings that will come from the LORD”s adventures for us. YES I JOIN YOU AND HIM!!!!!

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