Psalm 91, Coronavirus COVID-19 and the Will of God

Psalm 91, Coronavirus COVID-19 and the Will of God

The Lord is my Shepherd! He protects me and surely He will save me from the fowler’s snare and from the deadly pestilence. Psalm 91 is full of promises and provision for each of us. Our Heavenly Shepherd protects us. So in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, are we safe? Does this apply to us? What is the Will of God?

In my last post I said fear makes us deaf. We can’t listen to the din of fear and still hear the voice of our Lord. Yes, it is almost impossible to hear God’s voice when we are hysterical and in a panic. I also revealed that the Lord rebukes His disciples of their fears because fear is terribly anti-christ. It is faith in His inability, not omnipotence. This is why fear deserves strong rebuke.

Standing in Psalm 91

Standing in Psalm 91
Today I want to touch on our firm position of faith in these fearful times. There is a qualifier for this position—the Will of God. Nothing gives my faith more power than knowing I am in the Will of God.

When I know the Will of God, I can stand resolute. When I know that I know from my hearing what He wills, I can stand in confidence. I can go on a trip to the big city in the middle of a pandemic without fear. He wills it, and I go. I have seen this in hearing and circumstances over and over. When I have the gift of faith in His particular Will, I am unshakable. But here is the catch: It must be His Will and not my presumption.

I can’t declare my will and ways, and think I am going to be protected. I can’t leave Christ’s Will and go my own way and then expect His blessing. In those scenarios, I step out of protection and into the devil’s realm. My rebellion, no matter how earnest and purposeful, does not gain the favor and blessing of God. On the contrary, is puts a huge bulls eye on my back with the devil.

Jesus Stand for the Will of God

Jesus Stand for the Will of GodProtection is for the one who follows God’s Will. Protection is not found in presumption; it’s found in faith. I had a real great seeing of this when trying to decide about my birthday trip to Atlanta. I was looking for the Will of God in whether we were going or not. I had been muddled by the bad reports I’d heard earlier that morning in the news. I entered into fear about the situation and that was the problem with my hearing. Couldn’t I have stood up and proclaimed my RIGHT as a child of God? Would that be valid? You might think, “Why can’t you simply stand on Psalms 91:10?”

There shall no evil befall you, nor any plague or calamity come near your tent.
Psalms 91:10 AMPC

It’s a promise, RIGHT? I look to Jesus’ time in the wilderness for an answer to this.

Then the devil took Him to Jerusalem, to the highest point of the Temple, and said, “If You are the Son of God, jump off! For the Scriptures say, ‘He will order His angels to protect and guard You. And they will hold You up with their hands so You won’t even hurt Your foot on a stone.’”

Jesus responded, “The Scriptures also say, ‘You must not test the Lord your God.’”
Luke 4:9-12 NLT

Will of God vs. Presumption

Will of God vs. Presumption
Jesus was not in presumption, but in the Will of God. Jesus didn’t enact His will, rather He lived in the Will of the Father. And in God’s Will, He had faith. He could wave off sickness, blindness, deafness – in faith, not presumption. I too have to live in faith by the Will of God. I have the power to dismiss a plague when I stand in His Will. I am safe in God’s WILL. So the question should always be, “What is Your Will, Father?”

In the Will of God, I live under my Shepherd. Psalm 91 is my reality as a child of God. My safety against plague and pandemic rests in living in obedience to God’s Will. While it is His to reveal, it is mine to obey. My loyalty must always rest in the Will of God. Not that grace can’t cover me, but why tempt fate when there is such power and Life in God’s Will?

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    • Jimmy

      This gives me such amazing hope, and direction. These last 2 posts have been absolute life to me. I have to admit I was being caught up in fear, and didn’t realize I too had become def. Bless you brother!

      • Jimmy, I am so pleased this spoke to you. Personally, it was a check up from my neck up. I am grateful the Lord addressed it in me quickly. Imagine how destructive if we remain in that fearful place for any length of time. Just fodder for the fire.

    • Rebecca

      So, so, so good!
      John, your clarion voice in the written word is so full of comfort….the comfort found in the TRUTH. Much love, brother. Keep talking to us…, so, so, so good!

      • Thank you Rebecca, your words are extremely encouraging! And thank you for telling me there was an issue with the comments. I think I got it worked out.
        Love you too!!!

    • shulamite

      SORRY TO EVERYONE WHO WAS UNABLE TO COMMENT TODAY! We really wanted to hear your voice in this. If you will, still please do! We have it fixed now.

      By the way, this weekends podcast posted on 3/21 and the 2 following episodes (on 3/29 & 4/05) will be Martha and John discussing these last 2 posts and going deeper into the subject. I think you will truly enjoy them!

    • Helen

      Thank you John, for this word that centers us. Though this is a time of some isolation, IN Christ, we are IN His corporate Nature, where all is arranged perfectly. That comforts me. The Lord can move us into modes where He wants us to know Him more deeply. He stills hearts, quiets life, rules dominations, makes known His power & authority, Will & Reign. The Kingdom is sourced in heaven, unchangeable truth. Sudden change, crisis, need we can’t meet, & right there He Lives what we couldn’t. We’ve had personal crisis alongside the pandemic precautions, & in the middle of it all, He gave us, an oasis of Himself. This is a revealing time. You can be surrounded by reactions..but God has a purpose & plan that supercedes it all. As He weaves it into our hearts, chaos becomes subservient & His Glory Rises. It’s an Awakening time. God moves in Integrity, always. “Do not be seized with alarm & struck with fear, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom!” I have a note, perhaps Martha, “The realm of perfect Love, secure order, & all provision.” Wow! Makes me want to relisten to ALL the conference messages! (Oh, & I love Hab.3:19 AMPC)

      • Oh Helen, you’re gonna absolutely love the next 3 episodes of the podcast. I think Martha even quoted Had 3:19. Regardless it is highlighted in my Bible and means so much to me. While these times are scary because of the unknown, we do know the One who not only knows but also holds us in His hands.
        Love you!

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