The Problems That Aren’t

The Problems That Aren’t

I have been writing about pain, suffering and difficulty for a few weeks now. Why? Because as we walk through this world it is impossible to remain unscathed. Our world is fallen and our dealing with problems is the great equalizer of us all. While our troubles may vary in degree and extent, but at the end of the day we all have them. Our obstacles are ubiquitous.

The other day I read something from Jonathan Cahn that really resonated with me. I wanted to share it with you today in hopes that it blesses you as much as it has me.

Our Problems are Not Problems

Our Problems are Not Problems
How do you view problems in your life? Most likely you see them as problems – something wrong, not good, or a hindrance. We view problems as obstacles that stop good things from happening, but the Bible tells us something different. What does the Bible tell you? It promises that for you who love the Lord, God will work all things in your life for good.

What does all things include? It includes problems. God will work all the problems of your life for good. But if the problems will be worked for good, then how can they be problems? They can’t! They can’t stop God’s Will or purpose or blessing. In fact, they’re going to be a part of bringing those very things about.

So the next time you get upset because of your problems, remember this promise (in Romans 8:28) and what it means. Believe and look for the good that God is working out. For if even your problems are working for your good, then they can’t really be problems — can they?

Jonathan Cahn The Problems That Aren’t

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    • Sue

      Wow, this is an amazing “home for the writings” the Lord has given through this ministry to certainly bless and guide and instruct me. I rejoice with all the Shulamites that the Storehouse if full and ready to be sent to feed us the manna from heaven. All Praise and Glory to out ABBA!!!!!

    • How wonderful!!! Glory to God!!

    • Alex

      As always, very timely. Love the Shulamite Storehouse!

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