The Privilege of Participation

The Privilege of Participation

I have heard many say that the course of our nation is determined by our sovereign God. As you may know, I’ve written a book on God’s sovereignty titled Sovereign Touch, so I believe this wholeheartedly. But there’s an element that is missing if you go all in on that one point. While God is completely sovereign, we are given the privilege of participation. I’m not implying that He is looking for me to exert my efforts and strength, rather He’s looking for our agreement.  It is about His bestowing blessing. Imagine, the Lord has somewhat tied Himself to my choice. He gives me the opportunity to enter His Life and Will with Him through agreement and choice.

Aligning Myself with God’s Will

Aligning Myself with God’s Will
For this let’s look at the governmental structure in our country. While Romans 13 says, the choice of our political leaders is determined in heaven by God, my alignment with His choice comes through my agreement with His Will. I am included through my agreement to bring forth His Will.  This is my involvement in the reigning and ruling of our planet. I don’t dictate, I agree.

Aligning myself with God’s Will also sets me up to receive His abundant Life and blessing. I get to be involved with the process of voting in His choice so I can be under His authority, protection, and perfection. He reigns through me as He rules in my world.

Sure, God could just sovereignly rule this world without my participation but He desires to include me in order to train me how to reign with Him. You see, I get the blessing of union in His Will. This is why I get to vote, it is my privilege to let His Life influence my world through me. My resisting this truth robs me of the experience of Him and is actually rebellion. I am here to bring in His rule and influence over my world. I wasn’t saved just to escape hell, I was conscripted to bring in His Kingdom. It is a divine privilege of reigning with the Reigning Lord.

My Privilege of Participation

My Privilege of Participation
While some may not wish to sully themselves with this dirty business of this world, my involvement doesn’t make me OF the world, it is just my position IN the world. As I stated in my last post, I am to be salt and light which influences rather than follows.

Seeing this life as training for reigning gives us the vision of influencing it for the Kingdom. Following the Will of the Father as I live in my world allows me to bring in His Kingdom reign. It is a huge blessing and one that none of us should miss. It is the privilege of being the child of a King and will be the determining factor of my position with Christ in eternity. This life is the training ground for an eternal reality and to fail to get in my position now is just too great a cost—an eternal one.

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    • Bruce Dickey


      • Thank you Bruce! It is such an adventure to take the Lord into the polls, isn’t it?! Then we become an extension of His own government and governing. I love it.

    • Marshall

      John, on this training-proving ground of earth; western kingdoms, we ought to be engaged. Yes. How we engage becomes tactical, and, as we have need to act in harmony with what our fellow Kingdom citizens are about on earth and in the heavens.
      I think of children and the ways they often set out to engage their neighbors and their world (at least by what they yet know of it all). Dad sometimes lovingly redirecting (reigning-in?) their approach to participation. Are you also perceiving this?
      The way (strategy) of the world, how the world prescribes a citizen’s participation, has not shown to be effective. Through half a century, it does not appear to me that our God waits upon the polls or politic of men. Indeed, democracy itself disrobed in our day as riddled with impotence. I dare label it a “clever scheme” and “nothing much” compared with saints acting by His Spirit within neighborhoods, region, and (unity sustaining) the world anywhere. Who can say a voting box holds hope? At best, my “vote” may provide placebo to someone for a day. To participate without fail, it becomes needful to engage more effectively?

      • I agree with you Marshall, we only have actual fruit when we are in the Will of God and in order to get that we have to be listening. my vote certainly is a placebo if I am the one behind the choice, but with His it is an extension of His government.

        I think our biggest strategy is to listen and obey. As we throw aside our preconceived way of doing it and follow, He will lead us into His reigning and ruling through us.

        Reminds me of this scripture: “If you really knew God, you would listen, receive, and respond with faith to His words. But since you don’t listen and respond to what He says, it proves you don’t belong to Him and you have no room for Him in your hearts.” John 8:47

        Thank you for your comment Marshall. You are right we need to engage more effectively, I just believe that effectiveness is found in whatever the Will of God is. His Life is always effective. Bless you!

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