Pride and Preparation

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John’s post yesterday really pierced me.  I have never viewed sacrifice – or suffering – as an honor reserved for God’s most cherished.  Certainly makes me view Job in a whole new light!  But what I’m meditating on now is the training and preparation of both Abraham and Isaac that John discussed.  Do I take my preparation seriously, let alone value it?

I don’t think that I’m alone in admiring great and heroic figures.  But today I’m pondering all that came before the greatness.  I am easily enamored of the pinnacle while paying mere lip service to the arduous climb that came first.  But would David have become King David if he didn’t accept his life and responsibilities as David the lowly shepherd?  Er, no.

As the Lord is faithful to remind me again and again, I don’t know anything.  I certainly don’t know the ultimate purpose for the discipline of my daily responsibilities.  God works on so many levels that nothing is wasted.  Take Winston Churchill’s nanny, for instance.  I know nothing of her life beyond how important she was to Churchill.  I DO know, however, that being a nanny is anything but glamorous.  How many children did Elizabeth Anne Everest nanny prior to Churchill?  I imagine that the preparation was largely thankless and difficult.  Still, Everest was fully engaged in her life by the time she met Churchill, and she had a choice to love her charge or not.  She chose to love him.  She invested in him, nurtured him, poured love into him.  She remained a pillar in his life until her death.  We don’t hold her in high esteem, but he certainly did.  Her legacy is – in part – Winston Churchill.  May I submit that that’s quite something.

I’m asking myself some hard questions this morning.  Am I fully engaged in the life God’s given me?  Do I value the responsibilities that the Creator of All has seen fit to assign me?  Am I grateful for the role He’s put me in, however obscure it may be?  I know the answers, and they aren’t pretty.

The root of this is my pride.  Ah, pride – seemingly impervious, the cockroach of sins!  And I do know that I’m not alone in this one.  Ever listen to people who believe in reincarnation?  They’re always someone famous.  No one is ever a scullery maid or a lowly footman.  We humans are nothing if not predictably foolish in our self-importance – have mercy!

Ultimately, I don’t want to miss my destiny by refusing to accept my life as it is.  I’m seeing clearly how my choices affect my life’s purpose.  If I disdain my preparation in pride and ingratitude, I am refusing to be trained and losing my destiny.  I find myself very sober in light of this truth.  I also have added reason to embrace the Cross that comes to kill my pride and usher in this God-ordained destiny.  Thank you, Jesus!

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    • John Enslow

      You asked for it, we delivered it. Now comments are available to everyone.
      So let’s hear from you! Remember for our Facebook friends you can still like and share on your wall with the above Like and Send links.
      Thank you and love to each of you!

    • Gaby Schubert

      gladly starting, then 😉

      Yes, it is pride, again and again. Painful, but true. And, yeah, you’re definitely not alone in it!
      How do I thank you all for constantly pulling away my carpets of comfort beneath my feet?
      Oh, how I need that! And how I value it!

    • pearl mahan

      Awesome, since I am a nanny…I love the kids I nanny and pray
      for them a lot…I get to work with people of all faiths and religions.
      Right now I am working for a Hindu family and the boys and I have had discussions about the true God and how He has risen from the dead…It’s seeds planted in their lives…
      I fill a role of acting grandmother for some of these kids who don’t have a grandmother near them…this is special to me …they call me nana pearl…:)

    • Pauline Porell

      Jen, my answers aren’t pretty either. The Cross exposes my pride e-v-e-r-y s-i-n-g-l-e d-a-y, in one form or another. Gets discouraging sometimes ’cause there’s so much more to be crucified – BUT GOD: Rich in mercy and lovingkindness! Just looking at Him and hearing: “I don’t care how many times you fall; I care how many times you get up.”

    • Pauline Porell

      Thank you, John! You never miss an opportunity to keep us connected to His Life in all of you.

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