The Purpose of Prayer of the Heart

The Purpose of Prayer of the Heart

We are called and invited to be very specific with God our Father. Our prayers and expressed thoughts aren’t a simple wishlist, rather they are a place of yielding and relationship. When we give Him our heart and desires in honesty we are also laying them down at His feet. After they are released they could rise or they may die. The opening of our heart is transactionally saying, You choose.

Prayer is for Relationship

Prayer is for Relationship
Our whole prayer encounter is intended to be relational. The Father wants to hear us, His children, and our hearts as we express them to Him. He wants to talk about our hopes and dreams as well as our fears and doubts. Yet at the end of the day, we are given the opportunity to choose His Will over our own. The interaction is leaning into trust of Him who is perfect whether we understand or not.

The most beautiful part is that it is a dance we dance with Him but He is always the Lead. I don’t think we will ever hear the plan in its entirety.  Usually it’s only just the next step. Personally in my life I couldn’t have handled the whole looking back on it. And if I did know the complete plan, I would have tried to perform it in my own strength. Long story short I would have screwed it up. His goal is always my dependence and vulnerability to Him as my Father.

Heart Prayer

Heart Prayer
Where we get into trouble in this is when we feel our prayers equate His obligation to fulfill a specific answer. Some may say, “Why pour out my heart and feel that pain if He isn’t going to answer as I am asking?!” His goal for my prayer life is connection with Him who is my Answer, not the answer in itself. Sure answered prayer is always our goal, we are seeking Him for a solution. But my specific answers are for His direction, they are for Him as my true Answer.

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    • Penny Peaden Barber

      As always, John, God speaks to me through your words! Yes, prayer is a relationship not a wish list. Thank you!

    • Richard Waters

      To me, it is starting the day and having coffee with Dad. All else evolves from that posture.

    • Denise

      I agree with you John, though right now it’s excruciatingly painful. Our daughter is dealing with gestational diabetes and it’s horrible risks for her child. How I would love to say platitudes and warm comfy words, but I don’t know what God’s plan is. Neither parents are walking with God. God is good and He knows the outcome. I’m just waiting and relying on Him. If you would say some prayers for our daughter Joy, her husband Nate and her unborn son Greyson. Thank you!

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