Pray Like Your Prayers Matter

Pray Like Your Prayers Matter

My job in prayer is to come and be available. I’m to listen and hear what is already done in Heaven in order to bring it down to earth. My stance and my purpose is expectation and anticipation—this is faith. I’m not there to dictate or direct, but once I hear God’s Voice, I can stand firm. I stand on His Promise and Plan and on Him accomplishing His Will.

Once I hear the Lord, I am given the opportunity to be in union with Jesus’ Will and Life. My agreement is paramount.  My agreement is like wearing a signet ring of the Kingdom. I am an ambassador of His divine edict. I have His authority, power, and Will behind my stance. The one wearing a signet ring doesn’t come asking; they carry the full authority of the king to implement his will. So the important thing is hearing the Lord’s mind, not my own. I don’t come with power behind my ideas or will; it is all His.

Prayers Matter

Prayers Matter
While I don’t always pray this way, when I do the results are amazing. I may have a forehead harder than flint! All I can assume is that it is the gift of faith in His Life. It is unshakeable and firm. I am relentless, so I assume it is all about HIM.

Imagine if we all lived in this prayer stance! If we prayed in faith according to what we hear from our Father. Again, I am not deciding, exercising my opinions, or determining what should be done; I am hearing what is already done and then standing firm, eagerly anticipating its fulfillment on earth.

This takes the weight off of me to figure and fix and leaves me in FAITH. The feeling of this faith-filled stance can only be described as Life. His strength is present and courses through my body. I love it!

Let’s Pray

Let's Pray
So today let’s pray like we are the sole source of prayer. Let’s pray like our prayers matter the most. We can change our world with His reality. If you fear the upcoming elections, you can go to God and listen and then stand for what He says to you. Are you disturbed about the coronavirus pandemic? Then listen for the Father’s mind and prepare to lock and load.

This isn’t a time to feebly pray for what we feel would be nice, or something we hope will happen. Now is the time to bring Heaven to earth. It is time to change our world for Heaven’s sake. The Lord needs those who agree with HIS Will not those who pick and choose what they want to see done. Agreement is our union with God’s Will and Life, and ultimately brings Heaven right down here to earth.

Then he said, “Don’t be afraid, Daniel. Since the first day you began to pray for understanding and to humble yourself before your God, your request has been heard in heaven. I have come in answer to your prayer.
Daniel 10:12 NLT

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    • Tony Marotta

      This kinda looks and sounds like Jesus prayed… Right?

    • LeAnn Zeitouni

      Succinct explanation of true prayer, John. Thank you for the reminder—‘ So the important thing is hearing the Lord’s mind, not my own…’

      • That is exactly it. my mind is nothing special, His mind is Life. Love you! Stay safe.

    • Rosalind Eskew

      What a powerful word from the Spirit of God! How can we really pray for His will if we don’t allow Him time to show us what it is? I needed this message so much. Thank you my brother.

      • So nice to hear from you Rosalind! This message was a life changer for me too. Blessing you this Holy Weekend! His banner over you is love!

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