Practically Living Christ is Knowledge

Living Where Christ is Knowledge

How can we live a life where our knowledge is Christ? To start, Jesus doesn’t purposely make this particularly hard so we have to struggle through it. It is His earnest desire for us to live where He is our knowledge. From the Garden this has been our design, so it doesn’t take mastering an obstacle course to step into it. We were created for Christ to be our knowledge and He wants us to enter this reality.

To set the stage, Jesus has to be our Lord. He must be Lord of our thoughts and knowing, which means His ownership. And the good news is that what God owns, God keeps—and this includes my thoughts and knowledge. If I am the owner of my mind through opinions, I am in death. This is every thought, from spiritual to practical. Christ must reign in my thoughts and I do this by choice. I choose Him as Lord of my thinking, His thoughts not mine. His vision not my opinions. Him!

Practically Living Where Christ is Knowledge

Clues to Living Where Christ is Knowledge
How do I do this practically? I can tell you how He has led me to do this: I look at Him. I purpose to be looking at Him even while walking through my world. This is not isolated to quiet time position; it is a lifestyle of looking. And no, I don’t do this perfectly. I catch my opinion-maker running now and then, but I have asked the Spirit to keep what is His. And amazingly He will ever so gently touch my face to look at Him when I start conjuring up hell with my opinions. Yes, it is a discipline, but not one of effort. It’s a discipline to stay with Him in relationship. Astonishingly Christ has much to say about my world, and my opinions only deafen my heart from actually hearing Him.

I don’t have to ride myself to make this happen; the Holy Spirit is quite capable. And when my mind drifts off to fix the world, instead of whipping myself back into submission, I simply turn back to Him. This isn’t about my perfection; it’s about relationship with Christ. And now that I have turned over ownership, He guides and course-corrects my mind. He Shepherds my mind so I don’t need to chastise and punish myself. While parenting myself has always been a temptation for me, the reality is I am a complete failure at the task.

I don’t want to miss Him, His thoughts, or His plans. Jesus is so much more fascinating than my point of view. He is the perspective of omni-possibilities, whereas my paradigm is just more of me. His knowledge is Faith because it is Him; my reasoning is just more fake news.

Clues to Living Where Christ is Knowledge

Practically Living Where Christ is Knowledge
Here’s a clue: the natural man is controlled by sense and reason, which is simply opinions. The Bible says the mind of the flesh is death and this has been my experience. There is NO faith in the reasoning mind, hence it is impossible to please God when I am in opinion. E.W. Kenyon and Don Gossett in
Keys to Receiving God’s Miracles say, “Fallen man has to live in the realm of reason. The mind of the world is the reasoning mind.” My opinions are void of the Spirit because opinions stem from self not faith.

Bottom line, I am an enemy of Christ if I maintain and live in my opinions. Opinions attempt to run the show and subvert Christ. On the other hand, faith of living where my thoughts are Him celebrates His reign and rule now and forever. Let’s abandon the realm of darkness where our world is dictated by our opinions and enter the Way of His being all that I know and experience.

Now the mind of the flesh [which is sense and reason without the Holy Spirit] is death [death that comprises all the miseries arising from sin, both here and hereafter]. But the mind of the [Holy] Spirit is life and [soul] peace [both now and forever].
Romans 8:6 AMPC


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    • tammy

      Oh so RICH!
      What a blessed work He is doing in and through you John.

      • John Enslow

        Thank you Tammy! So glad you are enjoying it! Love you too!

    • Doug

      This was so eye opening. It seems that ALL of my issues stem from this matter of my opinions vs His Lordship
      After reading this 2 scriptures popped up.
      Judges 17:6 and Proverbs 14:12

      • shulamite

        This is the temptation of us all. Choice is our friend, huh?! Bless you Doug Those are perfect scriptures! Love you man!

    • Ulrike

      Hi John, thank you, especially for “how do I do this practically?”
      One of my mystical friends wrote: “I am silent, I listen to Him and I love Him.”
      What you write here about your looking at Him is so beautiful, I’m really excited, that you seek Him in this deep way, John. Reminds me of “The Cloud of Unknowing” for the quiet time.
      Abide in Me, this is what Jesus tells us to do, and with all my heart I do this (not perfectly, as I sadly have to admit) in a combination of listening, looking , speaking, telling Him how much I desire Him…, worshipping Him.

      These words from Song of Solomon are for all, who want to run after Him:
      O my dove, in the clefts of the rock,
      In the secret places of the cliff,
      Let Me see your face,
      Let me hear your voice;
      For your voice is sweet,
      And your face is lovely.

      It is amazing, that this glorious and great King of all kings invites us, even desires our being with Him… I better be silent now, in awe before Him.
      His abundant love to you John, Ulrike

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