The Practical Life in Christ

The Practical Life in Christ

Can you see Christ Life in your practicality? It is one thing to focus on spiritual matters and things, it is another to bring His spirituality into our practical life. To believe that Christ is simply in spiritual is to miss Christ’s very Life. Christ can make spiritual all our practicality by being eternal and spiritual in our practicality.  Anything from Christ is eternal and divine, from the lowest tasks to the greatest miracle. Christ is ALL matters and things making all things spiritual, including not excluding our practical life.

Practical Life

Practical Life
I don’t know why this is such a difficult concept for us to receive. Jesus was born in our very, very practical world. He left an eternal home to enter our extremely temporal existence. In a stable nonetheless, where animals dwelt. This was proof He wanted to enter our actual life and as a result bring His heavenly Life to earth. This is hugely practical and is intended to be our very living experience every day.

For the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.
Psalm 24:1

This fullness is all that is in our world and that all includes everything. Yeah, this truth makes it about ALL of life, life in its entirety. And just like I take care of the practicality of my house, so does our Heavenly Father. From top to bottom Jesus wants to be involved in ALL THINGS.

This is hugely liberating, an earthshaking reality. All it takes is an invitation of His Life and presence. He won’t force His Life on us, but as we direct our gaze to Him as Source, He comes to prove the practical is included in the fullness thereof.

Living Practicality

Living Practicality
Overwhelmed by the monotonous practicals of life. They are inescapable. But the Good News is Jesus came to perform that practicality with His very Life. Seem to good to be true. Give Him a try. Yield and receive His miraculous Life in your practical existence.

For more on this subject check out, The Great Exchange: Experience Christ’s Life by letting Him live yours!

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    • LeAnn Zeitouni

      I love living the practical life when it’s Him.

    • Sandy

      Overwhelmed! LOL! Almost daily I pray that if He is not my day, then all this is pure madness!

      I am checking out The Great Exchange, alright! It means that He IS my day and I can believe that!

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