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Yes Man yes and amen
So here is the ease of the Christian life. ALL God’s promises have been fulfilled in the Life of His Son.
Posted Feb. 2,2017 by | Comments
heart ark balloon
If I pinch off the conduit of love for myself, then I can’t be a vessel of delivery to bring it to another. I am called to love myself and to love others.
Posted Jan. 12,2017 by | Comments
hand holding light
I have been created as a vessel - simple, hulled out and void, from eternity past, to contain Light.
Posted Jul. 22,2013 by | Comments
Thick Wall or Thin Veil
There’s no thick wall between God and I – there is only a thin veil separating me from His heavenly reality. This veil attempts to keep us beneath our reality.
Posted Aug. 17,2017 by | Comments
woman relief statue
Experiencing God as loving Father is not the same as understanding Him as the Creator of pleasure.
Posted Sep. 25,2014 by | Comments
Man waiting
Why does waiting on God often feel like His rejection? Does He have delight in my stilling moments?
Posted Sep. 24,2014 by | Comments
Epic Battle
Apart from miraculous deliverance, you don’t just suddenly stop compromising yourself when it’s become your very character.
Posted Oct. 15,2014 by | Comments
woman leaning on man
The Lord is looking for an eradication of any fear, doubt, worries and anxiety. He wants me to live leaning.
Posted Aug. 1,2013 by | Comments
eye in heart
Love doesn’t just stop the beating of a child; Love carries the child to safety, tends the wounds, and takes care of every provision required for the child to heal and become whole (Lk. 10:30-35).
Posted Sep. 19,2014 by | Comments
Played as His Instrument or Just Talking About It
Some talk about the music and others are played as His instrument. He doesn't just want us to talk about His Life; He yearns to blow His Life through us.
Posted Aug. 14,2017 by | Comments