The Path to Sovereignty

The Path to Sovereignty

My goal in laying out this book is to lead you from ground zero of God’s sovereignty out to the whole world of God’s ultimate sovereign control. How I see doing this is by initially focusing on the microcosm, which is our individual life and lives and then moving through to the macrocosm of family, local authorities, the government, country, and finally, the world.  If God is truly sovereign then the whole gamut of life is orchestrated by Him.

How Does Sovereignty Affect ME?

How Does Sovereignty Affect ME
Obviously everyone is most interested in how sovereignty affects “ME” – my life, body, destiny, choices, and the list goes on and on. Childhood abuse? I intend on looking at that. What about things that crippled us emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually? That, too, I will address. When talking about God’s sovereignty, our most visceral reaction is to MY PAIN and why God allowed it. Yes, I will look at this too.

I am not going to address this as a cold academic because that is not what I am. In these pages I testify to God’s sovereignty through my own wrestling matches with Him. None of us are exempt from God’s sovereign touch, for He is our Sovereign. We do, however, have a choice to embrace God’s sovereignty or to deny Him.

The Hurdle of Sovereignty

Writing The Sovereign Touch has been a challenge and a huge hurdle to clear, but I pray that through it the Lord will reveal to you the trustworthiness of His sovereign hand. I pray that the Spirit expands our universe to include all of life not just what we will accept. This is a work of abandonment to our God and Creator and will usher us into the joy of full surrender. In this acceptance we will experience true Lordship, not just assent to its creed.

The Sovereign Touch by John Enslow
Today’s post and the two before it – The Sovereign Touch, Sovereign Pain and Suffering – have been excerpts from my upcoming book, The Sovereign Touch. I wanted all of you to be the first to have a sneak-peek at some of the revelation God has given me on the subject of sovereignty. My hope is that it has ministered to your hearts. I will be sure to let all of you know when The Sovereign Touch is ready for purchase in both digital and print!



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    • Cherie

      John, So Happy for you and for all of us who will read your book!! To God be the Glory!!

      • Bless you Cherie, I really pray you love it and it ministers deeply to you. Thank you for your encouragement!

    • Alex

      Definitely want to read this! Thank you, John.

      • Really hope you love it Alex. Bless you! Thanks for the encouragement

    • Shirley Castanuela

      So looking forward to the release of this upcoming book,John. Thank you for Another excellent labor of loving service to our Lord. Praise God!

      • Labor of love for sure. A long time coming. Thank you so much for your encouraging words Shirley.

    • tammy

      As always…perfect timing. ❤️

      • The Lord knows, doesn’t He. Perfection from the Perfecter of all things! Love you Tammy!

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