Pain, Yes Dear Reader, Life’s Hurt You

Pain, Yes Dear Reader, Life's Hurt You

As I stated in my last post, “God is not the author of evil but He is the owner of the book!” So if He’s the owner of the book, why did He allow pain in my story? Why didn’t He prevent things from hurting me so deeply? And if God did allow painful situations to happen in my life, then how am I to trust Him now? All of these are good questions.

Pain, Why?

Pain, Why?
Though none of us are entitled to the answer of why, God our Father often tells us. I know that I’ve asked many WHY questions, and He has often obliged me with answers. But you know, sometimes knowing the purpose of a thing doesn’t alleviate the emotional pain of its happening. “Why” questions satisfy my mind, but it’s in the heart of a man where bruised emotions dwell. And it’s in my heart where my demand for satisfaction be met.

What I’ve learned in this life is that our demand for answers is never satisfied until there is surrender to His sovereignty over our pains. When we bow to His Lordship over our difficulties, something happens in our hearts. Yet when bitterness to life demands an answer, it does it while posturing as Lord. But the Most High never surrenders His throne and the pride of bitterness requires His exit. God is moved by our pains but He is unmoved by our demands to be God over them.

Pain: Life Has Hurt Me

Pain: Life Has Hurt Me
I don’t know your pain, just as no one, except our Heavenly Father, knows mine. The desire of our Father is to father us in and through life events. Yes, He allows situations and circumstances to wound us. No one is exempt from painful happenings. And they vary in degree. What might crush me may not faze you. And I might not fathom enduring what you’ve gone through. But our Father knows all. And He wants to give us peace under His sovereign care.

We may never understand the purpose of certain life events, this side of eternity, but God calls us to Himself to give us the grace to walk through them. Carrying about a demand to be satisfied is a heavy weight. And understanding, as I said, may not lift the pain anyway.

Pain and Bitterness

Pain and Bitterness
I know the following words will burn as they rub against the presence of bitterness but here we go. Only faith and surrender accept sovereignty; faith that God is God and that His character is impeccable. He is love, even in our pain. He is holy, even in our troubles. His Will and Purpose is perfect, despite my objections.

I must have surrender rather than a demanding grip. Our hands become claws when they are motivated with bitterness. When we latch on to extract an explanation for the wrongs, we’ll find none provided. Plus our claws will pinch and injure everyone around us. Surrender is a call out for mercy. It yields to submit and opens to receive. These heart attitudes are met with a Father’s embrace. Though the situation may not end, the grace to see and accept will be present.

The Solution to Pain

The Solution to Pain
God receives His children as a Father. He is trustworthy with my pains. He can make of difficult circumstance eternal reward. Wipe away every tear from my eye. He is SOVEREIGNTY, over us all, Worker of miracles. Out of what I call needless pain, He can form destiny and eternity. Master Craftsman, Forger from Fire, He is Beloved with a High Purpose in mind. He’s not afraid of my railings, or accusing tone, but stillness and relinquishment is met with kindness and friendship.

Making your ear attentive to wisdom and inclining your heart to understanding; yes, if you call out for insight and raise your voice for understanding, if you seek it like silver and search for it as for hidden treasures, then you will understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God.
Proverbs 2:2-5 ESV

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    • Sue

      Oh this statement, “Yet, when bitterness to life demands an answer, it does it while posturing as Lord” pulled out that sickness ‘bitterness’ that almost killed my soul. Not only my hands, but my words have had claws in them. Were it not for Martha’s loving confrontation, I would still be in that gall. I am drawn to go to my Sovereignty booklet to read again the wisdom from above……..bless you John for calling us to surrender to HIS faith and love and care of us.
      “Seek it like silver and search for it as for hidden treasures, then you will understand the fear of the Lord and find the
      Knowledge of God.” I just praise you LORD and ask you to bless these posts to our spirits.

    • Sam

      Yes, John.

      I remembered “The Prisoner in the Third Cell” from Gene Edwards while reading you today, and what John the Baptist had to relinquish to on having his head chopped off by the “lustful dance of a teenager girl”.

      It seems, though, like the call of God to “not fear those who harm your body” (in the many aspects this takes, beyond wounds in our physical body), is a call to ENTER “the understanding of the fear of the Lord”, like this Proverbs quotation says.

      This “fear of the Lord” is entering God’s embrazing of your true own being/persona. It is an intimate thing and I believe you can only enter this order of Him by releasing the pain of you to Him within that privacy. You put it succintly and brilliantly:

      God is moved by our pains but He is unmoved by our demands to be God over them.

      That God may be God of our wounds means to forgive not only those who harmed us, but giving up that pain to God Himself, which is the real deal.

      Love abounding to the Body,

    • Annalie du Toit

      I am listening…and looking… deep waters, this.


    • Paul

      Deep waters indeed Ananalie! So much to ponder here… Thank you John for this rich feast for the soul!

    • Susan

      Amen John, lean into it and give thanks (with tears).

    • Helen

      There are tears not over ‘loss’, they fall in love that is willing & worship that is His Worth. A heart that is HIS cannot be held hostage, by anyone or anything, & HE will PATH that into our hearts & lives. Lord Jesus, YOU, are the posture of my heart, the fire in my bones, the voice that fills my speech…a vessel of yes to Your YES! There is a SEEING…not because He was absent, but in that HE IS PRESENT! (John 11) We might have wondered, at the pace, the path, the purpose. Here was eternal-speaking laid into present event…to God’s glory! He proceeded along the way…He knew the outcome, the eternal of it…the mystery & wonder ready to fill surrendered hearts. “Jesus wept.” That cry…was MORE…than all the responses…I AM THE RESURRECTION & THE LIFE! “I worship the ways of God.” (Nee)

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