Pain Versus Suffering

Pain Versus Suffering

There’s a difference between pain versus suffering for someone who’s born again. Suffering is usually the result of my resistance, while pain is a mark of change.

When I’ve experienced exorbitant suffering, it’s been because I wasn’t receiving the grace to be in my circumstance. My pain, on the other hand, has just been the direct result of change. And pain doesn’t have to be short-lived in order to not be suffering. The pain of change can take a season of time. But if our pain is an inordinate suffering, we might want to ask the Father if we’re in resistance. I know when I’ve been the most resistant to His will in my life; these were my most agonizing times.

Pain versus Suffering in Real Time

Pain versus Suffering in Real Time
No pain feels good in the moment, but when coupled with surrender it will bring the beauty out of our ashes. Our Good Shepherd is not cruel with our pain. If we will inquire and listen, He will inform us of what He is after. Random pain can cause fear, but pain with understanding gives grace. That sharp shooting pain that comes out of nowhere can make us afraid, but the pain associated from working out is tolerable just because I know what is going on. Our Abba wants us to join Him in agreement with the work He is doing. Though He will use pain to cause us to turn to Him, it’s better to be in relationship with Him and know what He’s doing. Knowing may not make the pain cease, but it can give me a sense of peace.

Pain functions to get our attention. Look at pain in the body. Its purpose is to make us aware that something might be amiss. No pain is good in the moment, but when connected with the mind of the Father, it can be associated with blessing and deliverance. Knowing the purpose and intent of pain can give us the grace to accept it and receive it from God’s hand.

Pain in Circumstances

Pain in Circumstances
Here are just some of the places and circumstances in which we can experience pain:

  • I’ve been lead away from Him in sin.
  • I’ve chosen my way over His.
  • He’s moving circumstances to bring forth His will.
  • He changes situations in my life for blessing or deliverance.
  • I have to choose His path when I want mine.
  • Leaving what’s familiar and embrace something new.
  • I lose something I was dependent on.
  • Being freed from a toxic relationship.
  • Being given hunger to follow Him closer.
  • Having to wait in dependence for Him to move.
  • Any time I am challenged.
  • Even the direct result of my answered prayers can cause pain.

Yes, pain can be associated with the consequences of going my own way. It also can be felt in the process of His increase in my life (less of me and more of Him). Pain even happens by receiving blessing. Why? Because we just don’t like to change.

“We are certainly in a common class with the beasts; every action of animal life is concerned with seeking bodily pleasure and avoiding pain.”
~ Augustine

Pain versus Suffering Can Tell Me a Lot

Pain versus Suffering Can Tell Me a Lot
My purpose in writing this is to make a distinction between pain versus suffering. It’s also to prove that pain is not always the sign that I’m wrong or in trouble. Pain is real and also a proof of life. To limit my pain is to limit my joy. Life is a pendulum and I can’t choose half of the swing. I can live dead, if that’s what I want, but I can’t live Life without pain.

Suffering, on the other hand, is different. Suffering is torment and, as such, unbearable. Living with suffering seems endless and has an element of hopelessness. It’s not that God can’t use our state of suffering, because He does. There just is a better way to handle life’s pains.

As I stated at the beginning, there’s a difference between pain versus suffering. Suffering is usually the result of my resistance to God, while pain is an indicator that things are changing.

Surrender is what makes the difference. How we handle the presence of pain reveals the true state of our hearts—whether we’re yielding to God’s movement or rebelling against His ways.

“Pain removes the veil; it plants the flag of truth within the fortress of a rebel soul.”
~ C.S. Lewis

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    • Paul

      Thank you John for this wonderful post today on the difference between pain and suffering! Interesting how most of us see them as one and same but the difference is huge! A lot of meat to chew on here, John. Thanks for sharing!!

    • Annalie du Toit

      A lot of meat indeed.Thank you,John.God bless you richly.

    • Pauline Porell

      Thank you, John. Great insight from the Holy Spirit. I know it’s been three weeks, but my heart still pains from losing my Dad. I had (have) a beautiful understanding of Father God, partly because of my own Dad’s character, integrity and love. God’s word says that we are not supposed to grieve as those who have no hope; I do have assurance that he is with Father, but sometimes, and usually out of nowhere, it still hurts . . . having difficulty aligning this with the scripture I mentioned.
      Bless you, John.

      • Pauline, I am so terribly sorry for your loss! I’ve been praying for His grace for you. Please know there is quite a difference between grief, and grieving as one who has no hope. I don’t think God intends you to not mourn the passing of your dear father. But because you are His you have the joy mixed with your sadness that he is with the Father now and not lost forever. Let yourself experience this passage of time. Don’t rob yourself of your experience with your Father through this time. Death is part of the order God has set up, and He wants to go through it with you. Love you Pauline!

    • Nancy

      From T.Austin Sparks…”Want to understand why the winds are allowed to blow so fiercely… the storms? To get us away from that natural, easy-going-ness or cheapness, lightness, frivolousness and to make us people of weight. Strength – through testing, through adversity – strength… to endure throughout all ages. There is much which is going to be carried away in the last great testing, and if, therefore, trial and adversity is the only way to deepen us, to put caliber into us, I suppose we must expect more of it as the time shortens.”

      • Thanks ,Nancy for taking us to T Austin Sparks….reality and comfort – both.

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