He Prays His Own Desire Through Our Mouth

He Prays His Own Desire Through Our Mouth

I have been pondering the Lord’s deep desire for us. In my current “dark night of the soul,” I have sought Him to connect with me. As I recently posted, while I have been in a personal cross and felt forsaken I have looked into the night to see His face. I need to see Jesus looking at me with desire and pursuit. And this morning I got a faint whiff of His fragrance with a redemptive message. “I have prayed through you My own desires!” WOW!

His Own Desires

His Own Desires
Shortly after getting born again, I prayed the prayer: “Lord, I want to be as close to You as I possibly can throughout all eternity.” I didn’t demand more than His Will allowed but I long to experience all of His Will for me. I need to be in the place, hand crafted for me, at my end. How would I get there? How would He bring this about? It will happen because He is reigning even in my momentary instability!

All those years back the Father prayed His prayer through me, “I want to be as close to Him as I possibly can for all eternity!” He Himself prayed this prayer through me. He spoke those words as His own desire. He wants me to be as close to Him as I possibly can be. He longs for my nearness, and as a result prayed through my own mouth, using my own thoughts, proclaiming His own desire through my desire. This is the wonder of our God!

Can you imagine the wonder of this?! We often can feel that He isn’t in control of our world and existence. It seems daily that the chaos and darkness is winning. But the reality is, the chaos and confusion of the enemy is merely a surface swirl trying to convince us of its depth, but it is as temporal as a mist.

God’s Desire Reigns NOW

God's Desire Reigns NOW
Our God is reigning NOW. Today His Kingdom is being established right before us. And while it often seems that evil is advancing and the Light is being extinguished, the truth is our Foundation is secure. The Kingdom of God is advancing and is in control, while the smoke screen of the enemy is just a facade.

These are often difficult words to believe, especially when the appearance of the confusion causes great pain. We hurt, and our suffering is real. But as the Lord has told me time and time again, “Don’t look at what is happening, look at what I am doing.” If we could peer into eternity we would see the significance of the Lord’s work and the insignificance of the devil’s boast. Jesus does reign NOW!

In this moment I take incredible solace in the fact that my God is able to use even my mouth and heart as an instrument to proclaim His symphony. He is winning, whether I feel, see, or even sense His victory. So what has He prayed through you of His own desire?! What words has He spoken through your own voice? The answer may shock you.

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    • Rhonda Chapman

      You know that He will bring you through this current “dark night of the soul” because He brought you through the ones before this, there is a light at the end of the tunnel even if it’s faint, you know He is with you John.

    • Rhonda Chapman

      In your current “dark night of the soul” there is a light at the end of that dark tunnel even if it is faint because the you know that He will bring you through this one because He has brought you through the ones before John. That has been my only hope when experiencing the same journey.

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