Overcoming Self-Hatred: A Prayer

Jesus on the cross

A Prayer for Overcoming Self-Hatred

overcoming self-hatred
“I forgive myself for everything in my life – everything I’ve done and not done, everything I’ve been and not been, EVERYTHING! I receive the Blood of Christ in forgiveness for my sins. And I receive forgiveness for my UN-forgiveness of me.

And I demand that every demonic force that held the stronghold of self-hatred in place be destroyed in Jesus’ Name right now. I receive the power and grace of God to let myself alone, to let myself BE…and to be a stumbling child that needs to be kept and held.

And in Jesus’ Name, I rebuke Satan and every demon of self-hatred, self-condemnation, accusation… In Jesus’ Name we stand together as a bond that cannot be broken, woven together by Love, and we demand that the Blood of Christ is my answer! Come and accuse me (Satan) and I will show you the Blood and I’ll pray for everybody to receive the Blood of Jesus. May I know every time there is accusation of something old or something new, that I can declare my forgiveness and defeat you! And rebuke you and send you to the pit of hell!

My Shepherd Brings Me to Overcoming Self-Hatred

My Shepherd Brings Me to Overcoming Self-Hatred
My Shepherd…I know His voice and I will not listen to the stranger’s voice. If I will be but a dumb, helpless, hopeless, stupid sheep, I am kept.

And Father, I ask You to forgive us for parenting ourselves and determining our punishment and deciding what we’ve done and who we are. Forgive us and wash us clean by the Blood for such arrogance as to believe that I know myself. I renounce thinking I know myself! I renounce thinking I know my sins!

I tear down in my mind the stronghold that makes me look at myself. Free me from myself, Lord. Free all of us from ourselves that we may have eyes only for You. Heal us of the ravages of the devil for sins that we have been forgiven for, sins that we’ve been over a thousand times!

Sins of today, of this last hour, sins of everything…everything is covered by the Blood. Show us the whole world, Lord, soaked in the Blood of Christ! Show us the great power of the Blood against the enemy. Show us that we are covered by the Blood, bought by the Blood, indwelt by the Blood and hourly washed by the Spirit from sins that we don’t even know about.

Grant us the freedom, Lord, that is ours by right – we receive it! We receive the Blood as never before to wash our consciences clean. Father, forgive us for quenching the Spirit who would cause our consciences to be cleansed and freed by the Blood. I release the Holy Spirit from my taking His place!

Forgive Me for Self-Hatred

Forgive Me for Self-Hatred
You are my Comforter and my Advocate, my Teacher! You are my Doctor and Psychiatrist inside of me. Forgive me for taking Your place and counseling myself, having not the mind of God. Forgive us, Lord, for offending the Holy Spirit.

Oh God, wrench this out in us so that we forgive not only EVERYTHING in ourselves but we forgive You, so that there is nothing, nothing, nothing between us – between You and ourselves. Give us the help of the Blood.

And we put the punishment for our sins on Christ, who took it willingly. What an insult for us to put a punishment on ourselves or accept a punishment from the devil when He took it ALL, and bore it ALL, and died in it ALL! Forgive us, Lord Jesus!

Forgive us, Father! What a sacrifice…that You gave Your Son for us to be free of this condemnation, to defeat the devil, and to stand victorious – within and without! Father, have mercy on us! Oh, let us not reject Your great Gift! Your Sacrifice!

Overcoming the Pride

Overcoming the Pride
I rebuke this mountain of pride and cast it into the sea – this mountain of the pride of self-condemnation, the pride to even consider it! Lord Jesus, we cast our sins upon You and we will not take them back!

And Father, give us the faith that we are dead. We are dead to Satan’s voice, and to our voice. We are in the grave. We are dead to ourselves. Oh Father, help us to be severed from ourselves and from our own torment.

Cause us, Lord, to see that we are utterly dead… that the solution is TOTAL. It’s past and it’s done and it’s complete and permanent. I have died to sin (Col. 3:3)! Cause this group to get it, Lord, and then to give it to the world.

“I am crucified with Christ and I no longer live; and the life I now live, I live by the faith of the Son of God who loved me and gave Himself for me” (Gal. 2:20).

I am dead to sin and it no longer has mastery! My worst sin of all, the only sin, is to let the old man think or speak or exist. Everything that we could ever be or do is wrapped up in that old man and He took it.  You took every sin I could ever commit. You took me! And You solved it.

The New Man Overcoming Self-hatred

 The New Man Overcoming Self-hatred
Father, I beg You, cause us to live in the new man! Cause us to believe that the old man is done. It’s over! God, help us to not let it go by another moment but to live in resurrection! We know nothing of resurrection… because we won’t let go of the old man. We won’t believe it is dead.

We are tricked by the serpent to think it’s alive. And when we believe it, it is! We believe the old man is the reality. God, destroy it! Destroy that belief – incinerate it! And help us to believe that we are new…

Father, I will not let anything that Christ gave, gained and died for, to be rejected! I purpose to receive EVERY freedom that He paid for. The “unsearchable riches” are mine and I receive them right now (Eph. 3:8).

What are they? Until we receive them, we won’t even know what they are. All that He has is mine. All that He did is mine…and yours. And I just say “Thank You, Jesus” that it’s ALL done – it’s ALL solved and it’s ALL over.

And thank You, Lord, that I have EVERYTHING – “every spiritual blessing in heavenly places” (Eph. 1:3) – everything that “pertains to life and godliness” is mine (2 Pet. 1:3). THANK YOU! I receive it. I take hold of it. I grab it as mine and I know that it is already inside of me. I open myself to see it and receive it. God, grant us that faith so we can give that testimony to the world!

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This post is a prayer for overcoming self-hatred that Martha prayed over our group on August 7, 2012. I hope you were able to join us as we confess our self-hatred and pray to receive fully the Lord’s forgiveness, cleansing, and healing today.

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    • […] while Martha was praying the other morning, I could see myself holding onto God much like a toddler would, and He was not […]

    • Logan Musil

      Hi Martha, what an inspiring post!
      Logan Musil

    • Paul

      Wow! This prayer is a keeper, and one that needs to be printed out and kept for ready reference! Thank you Martha, for such a comprehensive and powerful prayer against the accuser!!

      • Gwen Sann

        I agree,this was so powerful that as I prayed out loud ,I could feel the darkness breaking off of my soul!you hit the mark and I’m thankful to now understand what was going on and have words to put to the root.i know that there has been a loosening this evening that will change the course of my life and am eternally greatful that this prayer was posted.

      • Pauline

        I was thinking the same thing, Paul, as I prayed and received this . . . wanted to print it out and use it as a bulletin insert for Sunday.

        Sad that many of us hear so little about the power of the Blood of Jesus.

        Thank you, John, for printing this — the fact that your little church chose not to keep this for themselves is a testament of the love He has given Shulamite Ministries for the whole Body of Christ.

        Love to you, Martha, for your obedience to God in speaking what you heard from Him, four years ago — and you bless us this day!

    • Alex

      I am praying this now! Thank you. I needed it.

    • Sandy

      Hi. I know it’s already Thursday, but I can’t leave this post quite yet…
      I need time here, because it’s deep.

      This post is calling us to bend our knees…
      This post speaks of the kingdom of Love to rule here as it does in heaven and all I can think to say is Yes! and Amen!

      Thank you Jesus!
      You never stop calling!
      You never let us go!!!!

      • shulamite

        I couldn’t leave it either, It was originally posted in 2012. I love this prayer soooo much! Thank you for being excited about it too. Love you as always Sandy! John

        • Sandy


    • Holly

      Thank you. This is the best prayer of this sort which I have come across. It is extraordinarily helpful to me right now. Thank you so much for sharing it.

      • shulamite

        Thank you Holly, I am so pleased this prayer has been helpful! This prayer has deeply impacted me as well. The message spoken was just very impactful and I am grateful we got the prayer down so I could not only post it but go over it again and again! Bless you and again thank you for commenting!

    • William Mcneill

      I just came across this prayer this evening and I want to say thank you so much. I can tell that it will help me to boldly come before the throne.

      • shulamite

        Bless you William. I wanted you to know that we are doing a booklet of this message and I hope it will be available at LivingChristianBooks.com by the end of the month. It is the total message surrounding this prayer. I hope it is a help as well. Thank you for commenting!

    • CHRISTINA Michelle BANKS


    • Jill

      Thank you, Jesus for understanding and forgiving my atrocities against you. I am incapable of that, but you never,ever were. Please help me to always remember how truly blessed and loved by you I am.

    • Hilly

      Why do I hate myself

      • It is very natural for all of us to be dissatisfied with ourselves and our life. It is some of the wonderful parting gifts we received in the fall. But the good news is if we seek the Lord, surrender to His Will and thank Him for even what we don’t understand, we can emerge from self-hatred into self-love and love of Him. Unfortunately it is impossible to love Him and hate the one He created (Me). Hope this helps Hilly! Check out this post.

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