Our Life Can Be a Masterpiece

A precious brother posted this quote up on Facebook the other day and I marvel at the words of the Lord bought through me. And as I explore the subject of how to know God’s Will for my upcoming book, “His Will Alone: How to Seek and Know the Will of God with All Its Benefits,” I am having to do a deep dive into the topic of choice. If we wish to live in all the many benefits of His Will our choice and the Will of God must work in conjunction. In the Will of God our life can be a masterpiece!

A Living Masterpiece

A Living Masterpiece
There are so many factors that work together to help us to access the Will of God as our living reality. One is listening to the Voice of God. Our God is a speaking God and He so willingly speaks His Will to us. Why is this? Because we have to hear His Will to agree with His Will. We are not forced into the Will of God we are invited into it.

This doesn’t mean God won’t orchestrate our living scenarios to give us a strong motivation to choose His Will but inevitably it is still our choice. We have to choose to enter in and participate.

As far as the quote my friend posted, when you think of our lives as a canvas, His masterpiece is found directly in His Will. While we each can pull a Picasso and disfigure the image of our lives, our true masterpiece is found in the center of His Will for our lives. He makes life beautiful as well as artistic. Yet each and every stroke is a collaboration between God’s Will and my choice. Again I must choose to accept the invitation of God. Entering His Life unifies His Will and my will through choice—my choice.

Artistry of the Will of God

Artistry of the Will of God
Who wouldn’t want the painting of our lives to be a masterpiece? Life can be artistry as we follow the True Artist and Creator of all. Yet sometimes we have to be convince His ways are better. In the moment we can be deceived to think we know better. But at the end of the day, our Lord Jesus makes magnificence. He has a divine view of the whole and orchestrates gorgeous happenstance. We can see eternal provision out of temporary circumstance. This makes the temporal enduring and takes our lives from simply daily to eternal.

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    • Kyle smith

      This is absolutely beautiful what a relationship Christ offers us ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Wanda

      We can make the choice but we still have to yield and let Him do the painting. Like a child let loose with a paintbrush we could quickly make a mess of the picture ☺️

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