Our Father Loves Enough to Let Go

Prodigal son, father receives his son

Today I am reminded of the prodigal son  and how much his father loves him. The father loves him enough to let him go. It was a great love to let him go, and it was great love to let him come back. But if the father had never been willing to let the son go and instead had held onto him, who knows how the son would have turned out? And the father would never have seen his son come to his senses, returning home to true reconciliation. The great love that let the prodigal son go IS what brought him back.

Our Father Loves and His Love is Shockingly Deep

Our Father Loves and His Love is Shockingly Deep
The father not only let his son go, he gave him his wealth. He gave the son his inheritance and let him go. Basically, the father gave him a Ferrari and a bank account. Then he let him go without any strings attached and without a lecture!

That blows my mind… Yet I know in scripture that whatever way you choose, God supports. It’s amazing how much the father in the prodigal story supported his son’s choice. He enabled him to go.

The father gave him his treasure. And that is what spiritual fathers and mothers do. They give us His treasure and then we go where we go. We choose. Oh, how the Lord respects and honors and even supports our choices. It’s really frightening!

It reminds me of the rich young ruler, too. Jesus did confront him, but then He loved him and He let him go. And we don’t know what happened to him. God knows but we don’t know. And the Lord says that’s none of my business. It’s none of MY business where they go. It’s really…none of my business.

Making it my business keeps me attached and captured. Oh, it’s the umbilical cord! If you’re attached to someone’s choice by your choice to hold on and not let go, then you’re captured…and so are they! I would choose to love with the deep love of the Father, the love that lets be and lets go.

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    • tammy

      So profound.
      Bless you Carole.

    • Marsela

      “The great love that let the prodigal son go IS what brought him back.” Wow!

      Only a free Person can let someone be free. God is the only Person that is free. He is free because He is Love, and Love is selfless. And a person in the rifght mind would only come back to this… Love is wise….

    • sue

      “NONE OF MY BUSINESS” WOW did that strike my ‘busy-body’ sin nature. Blessed post, may all who read and ponder be freed from “holding on or worse, holding back ” all the prodigals from coming home.
      HIS love is flowing through your sharing Carole, thank you and may the LORD continue to bless you!!!!!

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