There is Only One Relationship

There is Only One Relationship

There is only ONE relationship in our lives and that relationship is with God. Sure, we interact with many people and situations every day. We have relations with loved ones, store clerks, and the like. Yes, we connect with people all the time, but the reality is that even with all these connections, there is only ONE relationship in them all—GOD. I know this might sound extreme and even crazy but it is nonetheless true. Life is about God, first, foremost and throughout the length of our days. God is at the center of every aspect of our lives and God is our only source for life. Everything that happens in this life is about God. Every interaction we have is about God. It’s about how He sees our circumstance and what He does within our lives.

Only One Relationship

Only One Relationship
This reality makes life about getting to know God and not man or even ourselves. Life is a continual dialog of getting to know Him. This is true whether or not we are listening. He is the Source and Focus of every step, every moment, and every interacting. It’s a progressive acquainting of us with Him. This life is designed for knowing Him more deeply and intimately in an increasing way.

[For my determined purpose is] that I may know Him [that I may progressively become more deeply and intimately acquainted with Him, perceiving and recognizing and understanding the wonders of His Person more strongly and more clearly], and that I may in that same way come to know the power outflowing from His resurrection [which it exerts over believers], and that I may so share His sufferings as to be continually transformed [in spirit into His likeness even] to His death, [in the hope] That if possible I may attain to the [spiritual and moral] resurrection [that lifts me] out from among the dead [even while in the body].
Philippians 3:10-11 AMPC

God Said, There’s Only One Relationship

God Said, There's Only One Relationship
Early in my Christian life, God spoke this to me:

“I AM the seamless thread of your entire life. People will come and people will go, but I AM the One constant that includes them all. I AM your beginning and I AM your end. At the finish, all there will be is ME. This life is about Me!”

When I heard this I was both excited and daunted. Though I loved the fact that God was that involved and engaged with me, it seemed so extreme and unstable. I know that God being THE constant of life is as stable as you get, but to hear that no one else would be there as a constant was disconcerting. Who doesn’t want someone in his or her life to be faithful, constant, and present? I haven’t met anyone. But God was saying, as for any other person being my stability, there would be none but He and He alone.

Is this just about me? Am I an isolated case of God’s choosing? Nope, it’s the reality for all His children. Ultimately, this reality is for every human, whether we take notice of it or not. God is the center, and all our dealings are with Him, even if they are directed towards another. The fact remains: He is my great I AM and all of my life is about Him.

Nehemiah Had Only One Relationship

Nehemiah Had Only One Relationship
The other day I was reading Nehemiah and I realized he lived in this reality. I saw this clearly in his interaction with Artaxerxes. His speaking to the king was unto God and his interaction with the king was seen as a prayer to God. “With a prayer to the God of heaven, he replied” (to the king.) His speaking to the king was a prayer to God because there was none but God in Nehemiah’s life. People came and people went in his life but Nehemiah lived with God. He was aware of God first and foremost. Imagine that line being so clear in your life that even the words spoken to your authority would be received as to God. Wow!

Now again, I am not in a place of telling with this. I struggle with making relationships about others or myself all the time. But what I do have as an assurance is that my God is faithful and patient. And as I have recently said, He is willing to batter my heart unto Himself.

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    • tammy

      “God is the center, and all our dealings are with Him, even if they are directed towards another.”

      Oh that I would live life with this Reality as the foundation for every word, thought, and deed…that it would never escape me, not even for a moment.

      • shulamite

        Bless you both! It’s the hardest reality with the greatest Reward. I believe I cried when He spoke those word to me because I knew the gravity of His statement. At that point, I believed in His distance and remoteness, like human examples I’d had, so His statement seemed like a death sentence to me. And though there is a death to receive this, now I know my suspicions of Him were unmerited. He is closer than any other could ever be. But this is a lesson I learn daily, even now. Love you both!

    • sue

      Oh Bless you JOHN, thank you Father, may I join Tammy in praying for this reality in my life also that it would
      never escape me, for God to be my one focus and reality.. I can perceive that this will bring others to desire
      the only the Son also.
      Oh what an encouragement and drawing this post has made to the One and Only Source of life!!!

    • Linda

      Wow John! Even though I am a couple days behind I needed to read this at this moment. God’s timing is always amazing! What truth this is. I to surrender to this truth and Him praying I draw closer to Him every single day. May my surrender to Him daily draw my heart and my focus totally to Him. He is my all and all.


      I want to not fear that important people to me will come and Go and the only constant is Our Lord. I don’t like to watch my parents pass away. I don’t want to watch my fiance go away from me due to lymphoma cancer. But it is God alone who is to be our constant and security.. This article hit home and opened up the fact that every relationship we all have is transient.
      This article helped me see that it is to be like this for everyone. We all truly have no one but God.
      Since this fact is so for everyone of us. then that is Gods plan for us all.

      • Perfect response Stacy. It is the most comforting and frightening truth in all of our lives. So glad this ministered to you! You are loved.

        • STACY

          I responded too soon after reading your article!
          I imediatly posted a responce while feeling the perceived emotional pain of reading that all relationships in our human life are ultimately transient.
          Sometimes there’s pain when initally hearing a meesage!

          Then comes God’s grace and mercy and love and more. He is our constant and Lord and strong tower forever.
          Thank you for this article. Life changing as usual!

    • Sandy

      It must be humanly inconceivable how much we miss by not responding to Him, if not, I think we would respond in trust toward His constant FAITHFULNESS… Oh my…

      May Phil.3:10-11 become my determined purpose too…because He loves us!!❤

      • STACY

        There’s an opportune time to do things, a right time for everything on the earth … A right time to hold on and another to let go.” Ecclesiastes 3:1,

    • Helen

      Timely as usual John. The Lord took me to His…ONE…this morning, He’s the Only One.
      Caussade, used these words, “in incomprehensible change” and that says it for me. The Lord keeps moving, ever revealing Himself in ages, and in our span of time. And dare I say He constantly extricate’s us from one moment into His next. He’s always Fresh and Alive.
      Caussade:”Oh divine Love! Why then seek You in any other way than that by which You desire to give Yourself?… Do You not give (new growth) to the root hidden underground, and can You not, if You so will, make this darkness in which You are pleased to keep me, fruitful? Live them, little root of my heart, in the deep, invisible heart of God; and by it’s power, send forth branches, leaves, flowers and fruits, which although invisible to yourself, are a pure joy and nourishment to others.” There is Only One place to be rooted.

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