Nicorette Gum Ain’t Fixin’ This

Nicotine gum

I really wanted to write a post about Jennifer’s process lately.  She has come to me over the last few weeks asking if her posts have value and merit.  What I want to share with you is my answer to her.

Jennifer’s process is not a simple issue with a smoker trying to quit.  I know God built in a natural escape hatch for any who wish to avoid any personal introspection on this.  Some might say, “Aw, what a struggle, glad I don’t smoke!” They would miss the point completely.  Jennifer’s posts are about all of us.  No, I might not smoke anymore, but what do I pacify my soul-frenzy with?

Jennifer’s post is about a woman who is courageous enough to remain on the wheel.  She is allowing the Spirit to direct the process of her salvation, and lead her out of things that restrict her from having full fellowship with God.  I commend her for her courage.  She isn’t facing an issue that has an easy fix of Nicorette gum or a patch.  No, Jennifer is facing the cross and is dying!

When I first came to Shulamite Ministries, Martha taught a Bible study where people came weekly and then left.  There was the occasional meal or extra meeting but for the most part, Martha taught and others listened.  I saw the faces of those who heard the messages as they said “amen!” – but were they changed?  I don’t know.

Years passed and Shulamite Ministries moved from a Bible study to body life.  Now there are those on the wheel of salvation, being formed and fashioned by the Spirit.  It is raw and real!  And where are the masses who came previously?  They hopped off the wheel and are God-only-knows where.  I very often say, ”Where the heck is so and so?”  They removed themselves because they refused the process Jennifer is going through.

I don’t speak this as one who is not on my own wheel.  I currently am spinning with the Master Potter’s thumb in my side.  But I do grieve for those who hopped off the wheel in their unformed shape, now fit for nothing but being clay.

Thank you, Jennifer, and thank you, God, for Your unrelenting pursuit to fashion us into vessels where You feel at home in dwelling.  I will love You forever!

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    • Sam

      She is a corageous person, even though it probably doesn’t feel like that at all to her. It takes some good courage just to get yourself into the business of knowing the Real God… and another good pack of courage for standing on your feet when you come under His Hand.

      When He begins to ask it all of me,
      -my poisoned treasures-
      only the courage of my choice
      stands forth.

      The choice to know Christ
      and have the full possesion of That Love.

    • Jack

      Well said John!

    • Linda

      John AND Jennifer,
      The words that come forth from this blog are truly spoken by God. The Spirit teaches me and helps me to recognize within my own being what you may be going through. It is always SO TIMELY in my own life. I don’t have your words to always understand what is happening in my life. Then along comes the blog of the day and whamo…..the words are explaining my current walk. I am so grateful to both of you, actually to all of you, for the courageous sharing of your walk. It truly helps me to clarify within my own being what is transpiring. I pray His light will shine through me someday as His light shines through all of you.

      Love and blessings,

      • Tina

        I second that Linda.

    • Wanda

      I agree wholeheartedly with Linda. You are all such an inspiration to me and so many times put into words what I cannot express. It gives me such hope to know I am not alone on this Potter’s wheel. Praise His Name. PS Linda, His light does shine through you far more than you know.

    • Hannah

      wow. this is truth.

    • Barb

      Ambush love, healing, and process!

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