New Word for a New Day

New Word for a New Day

What to say and how to say it…
(John 12:49b NIV)

I had to learn an important lesson in the first few years of being with Shulamite Ministries. I learned that I had to be out of any spiritual words I gave. It’s so easy to deliver a word in logic or through reason, believing it be the Lord. But worse than that is to inject yourself into an actual word He gives you to deliver to another. It contaminates it and transforms it into death from life. I really had to learn this the hard way.

The New Word not Me

The New Word not Me
At the time, I heard the Lord ask me to give a person a specific word. When I delivered it, I interjected my commentary, enhancing it with myself. The result was that I killed what was the Lord, with what was John. The entire message was destroyed and voided because I was in it. And the person for whom God intended the word rejected it, because they saw it as not being from Him. And it wasn’t! When I amplified the word, I killed it in total. What a lesson!

I did this with the best intentions. With no malice or ill intent; I actually thought I was helping to explain it. But what actually happened was that I destroyed what God wished to say and gave the hearer no grace to accept the word as from the Lord. Logically, if you heard the words I added, you would say, “But that is ‘right.’” But God’s words need no embellishing from man. On the contrary, if I am the intended conduit to speak His thoughts, I better be zip-a-dee-doo-dah clean of self.

A Vessel Only of a New Word

A Vessel Only of a New Word
Man can be a vessel to carry God’s words, but never are we the source of spiritual accuracy. My logical application of principles and precepts are simply my opinions, whereas God-directed and inspired wisdom is holy and filled with His Life and power to perform.

My, oh my, what a wonderful day! That day I was liberated from the misconception that I had anything to add to God’s words of wisdom or knowledge. My past wisdom or knowledge is never applicable to any current situation, no matter how similar they may be. It can literally be the exact same circumstance occurring, but unless it’s His new word for this new day, you will have old wineskins for new wine. This is a pattern for an absolute mess! Every new happening needs a new perspective and a new word from our Shepherd.

Oh Lord, what a lesson: new word for the new day, always! When I applied my wisdom to this person’s circumstance, I gave them death and actually prevented them from hearing the valid word that the Lord had for them. I was the offending party, and a stumbling block to their obedience.

Jesus is so present in our moments and involved in their uniqueness. As I have said in other posts, His goal is relationship. He wants to be intimately involved in my life and doings. Actually, He wants to be the Life of my life and doings. And to be such, I need a moment-by-moment hearing of His voice in my now.

New Word, New Day

New Word, New Day
What was good for my yesterday might not be good for my today. Additionally, what was good for my yesterday could even be the same for today, but it has to have a new directive and the fresh anointing of His voice. This is the interpersonal interaction He enjoys and requires of us to follow Him as Shepherd. If I could apply my old words to new life, I wouldn’t need Him or His voice. This isn’t how Jesus lived His Life, nor is it how I can live mine, not now not ever.

“For I have not spoken from Myself, but The Father who sent Me, He gave me commandments, what I will say and what I will utter.”
John 12:49 Aramaic Bible in Plain English

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    • tammy

      I am printing and will be carrying this with me!

      Over the years the Lord has taught me (or at least been trying to teach me) when I’m to share a word from Him or when I’m to only cover the person in prayer concerning the word given. Almost every time I share, I’m met with some question about the word. “Why did God tell you that?” “What does that mean?” Historically I’ve responded with a blank stare…because I don’t know! I don’t know the answers to the questions, I only know what He’s given. I don’t believe I have any need to know unless He chooses to tell me, so I never gave the “whys” and “what’s” a second thought.

      I will confess that once asked, I’ve always thought I needed to give a response. So, I would offer to pray for clarity. LOL! God didn’t suggest I pray for clarity. Ol’ dead flesh typically raises its embarrassed head and offers.

      Bless you for this word John!

    • Sam

      Very inspiring, John. What a lesson you shared…

      He is so strange the Lord, isn’t He? He can give you the same word in many different ways. That’s reaching out for the rainbow of Life. I think He wants us to be open to His boundless dimension, though we may live in this limited realm. We have a lot of problems with accepting His dimension because at the core we like to live in the illusion of human control.

      His dimension is not subject to logic or human reasoning… or human rules. His power is not compromised. Who can stop His hand? If He wants to do this, who will detain Him? It is like 2 dimensional beings living in a piece of paper trying to stop a 3-dimensional hand touching or wrapping the piece of paper. At the end of the day it is nonsense, madness and death denying or fighting against that Life that impregnates it all.

      Love to the Body!

    • Susan

      “What was good for my yesterday might not be good for my today”. Amen John!
      I’m going thru a healing crises similar to one 18 years ago. But in no way has He gone before me to heal in the same way. Nor is what He is teaching me the same. This is for a warfare, a testing for the days ahead.

      Good word Tammy.

    • wanda

      Thank you, John. New day, new word. Fresh bread every morning even as Manna fell new every day. God bless

    • tammy

      Old/New – Timely.

      I didn’t realize while reading this today that I’d read it three years ago.

      Just minutes before opening the Blog, the Lord prompted me to send an email to a dear friend. I began typing but had no words. I prayed for Words and got only “Thank you…”. My logical self thought how silly it would be for me to send just these few words but He said send it so I did.

      And isn’t it just like Him! Even in something as seemingly unimportant as an email to a friend He gives reassurance. I can only sing His praises.

      It is my prayer that I will grow in His will concerning EVERY word. And that it be only Him speaking through me.

      Bless you John for your obedience.

      • Yeah Tammy, this message seemed to fit perfectly in the flow of what I have saying. We are traveling, have been working on the release of The Joy Unequaled in Being Nothing and I needed a post for today. Felt this one needed a resurgence. Very convenient! Love you Tammy. Maybe it was just for you and your situation. Love those confirmations and love you!

    • Penny Barber

      Oh my, John, how perfect this lesson is for me today. Thank you for sharing it. It reminds me that He is the one that should be heard even if it comes from my voice!

      • Perfect Penny! I am so pleased it touched you. This lesson is aa vital one for me too. Appreciate you reading and for commenting. Always nice to hear from you.

    • Wanda Couch

      Thank you once again for this word. The Lord has spoken to me more than once to speak only what HE gives me. It is such a human tendency to want to explain the word given or add to it. His Word has so much power it needs no translation or embellishment. Love to all. BTW please pray for me. My bank account was hacked and I lost almost all of my savings. I need great wisdom to not ever let this happen again. What I have is HIS and I so want to be a good steward. Thank you.

      • Oh Wanda, I am so sorry! I will certainly pray for you! Will the bank be able to recover any for you?

        Yes God always knows the exact words that bring forth His precise message and it has eternal ramifications. Mine are just opinion and usually death…. It is such a huge lesson for all of us.

        Love you Wanda, and BIG!

    • Margo L

      #truth #learneditthehardway #toomanytimes #Heisapatientfather

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