Most People We Encounter are Lost

Most People We Encounter are Lost

You know that moment when you have an eye-opening revelation? It might not be something new, but it has a fresh Light on it. I have just had one of those seeings, so here we go. As we walk through this world, most of the people we encounter are lost. And not to go all fire-and-brimstone on you, but they’re going to hell. They don’t know our God and are aimlessly walking about trapped in sin. They will die in that sin unless the Spirit moves to save them.

Most Are Lost

Most Are Lost
Man judges by outward appearance, and the sliding scale we base our opinions upon is rather loose and flimsy. If someone is good – helping me out, not disturbing my peace, not making me uncomfortable – then I’m OK with them. These people get my Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. Imagine, if someone is helpful to me, assisting me to get my agenda done, then I am satisfied with the condition of their soul. Or if they just don’t bother me or appear to be good, I am good with them. Yikes!

This all is coming on the heel of my own face-to-face encounter with the unsaved. This person was just good and helpful until they got comfortable, and then their wretched heart appeared with all its bitterness. Afterwards I realized that I had more responsibility than just common interaction. They are lost, and I am found! I could be selfish about this saying, “Hey God, my plate is full!” But I think the Spirit has something else in mind. God set me in place and infused His Love in this relationship, and now I am culpable. I am not saying I have to be “Ernie evangelist” to every lost soul out there, but I do have to listen to the Spirit in all my interactions.

Evangelizing the Lost?

Evangelizing the Lost?
To evangelize or not to evangelize is not the question I am posing. What I see is that we can live in a happy bubble and be satisfied with the condition of the lost as long as they don’t bother us. Oh, that is SO wretched! “If you’re helping me get my job done, then why do I have to dirty my hands with your nasty unsaved soul? Isn’t that your problem?” GULP!

We are publishing a new devotional (in print) by Martha titled The Mystery of Discipleship. It will be available at our upcoming conference in Atlanta. As a disciple, I am called to make disciples, not live in ease. To be a disciple is to walk by the Will of the Father in the Life of the Son. On that path, He mandates my separations and to whom I am to be joined. God tells me who to walk with and how.

Jesus, I choose to view others with Your eyes and not with the eyes of my convenience. Just because I am not disturbed doesn’t mean Your heart is not broken and longing. I leave the selfishness of seeing ME as the center. You have a lost and dying world, and I am called to be Your disciple and ambassador.

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    • Pauline

      Thank you, John; I will “Amen” to your prayer and asking Father for repentance for all my excuses: “In THIS neighborhood? — they’re mostly Muslim [lost is lost — you were Catholic] . . . many don’t even speak English [do we really need words?] . . . they won’t let me in their house [so many mothers outside, watching their little ones] . . . but we have nothing in common – Uh, that’s the whole point!
      I just didn’t want to inconvenience myself, John; my apathy was more important than His desire.
      “I am not ashamed of the Gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes . . . ” – I am not living that, John; I am a hypocrite and this post was much needed.

      • shulamite

        This is why our ears have to be against the Shepherd’s chest and heart. This is so vital and important! While most are lost, I could spend every waking moment in an attempt to convince the lost of their need to be saved and not make any leeway. My attempts would be fruitless and more than that death. The work of my flesh is powerless to produce the Life of the Spirit in me or others. The Spirit’s movement is both powerful and eternal. A single syllable from Him is more effective than a lifetime of words in which I could speak. The issue of apathy is more about my rebellion to allow His life to flow and this would be great sin indeed. On Thursday I’ll continue this topic continues in an additional post.

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