In the Moment We Experiencing Life

In the Moment We Experiencing Life

When you are present, the world is truly alive. Imagine, living in the moment makes for truly experiencing life.  Not focused on our past failures or successes nor anticipation of future failures or victories. It is about the NOW. This is where He wants to reveal His presence and power—in our current life. 

The Quality Time of My Moment

The Quality Time of My Moment
Here is something I have found fascinating. Where at once I thought my highest love language was touch, what I have discovered is it is quality time. Now that is not to say I am not a hugger because touch is a close second. But I have discovered my heart sings loudest with quality time. This is not a shock to me. I spent years alone as an only child hence focused time means so much. But what this ultimately communicated to me is that I long for undivided attention. 

I am in luck, so does my Heavenly Father. He doesn’t like my multitasking or half-hearted focus. No, what He longs for from me is my gaze. I always knew I wanted His eyes on me but what I failed to consider is His desire for me to look at Him. Why would He care? What benefit does He get from my gaze? Relationship with His child! 

Wow, what a revelation! He seeks me to give Him my focus. I know this seems to be a no brainer to some but for most of my life I have so sought Him to look at me with smiling eyes. I have sought His smile as I have passed through this spinning globe. I desired to see where His eyes landed even when it was on others. I have told people, “I seek the smile of God!” To me this meant His deep pleasure and desire. Why wouldn’t I desire that to be on me?! 

Living in the NOW

Living in the NOW
What I have learned is this sought after reality is only found in the NOW. It is in our present moments that His expressed pleasure is found. May I always remain in this holy place. I desire to remain stable and fixed in His now moment rather than fearing punishment for the past or trepidation of the future. I can’t solve the past, only the blood can do that. And I can’t anticipate the future because my future isn’t promised to me. What I have is my NOW moment and now alone. 

So back to my original statement: When you are present, the world is truly alive. What does this mean? You can only live your now moment. It is here you will find your God and truly live the life you were given. It might feel confining and uncomfortable to not know the future. Or it might even disturb your peace to be haunted by your past failures but now is all you have. And in our now is all the power we need to discover God and find our way. It is the beauty of the present moment. 

You can discover more on the topic in the book The Sacraments of the Present Moment. It is a beautiful book filled with hope, truth and direction. 

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    • Wanda

      This just hit home right where I am at this time. Thank you so much. Love you and praying for you 🙏💕

    • Helen

      Transition draws our eyes to our Abba, to see His lavish aspects. I go with Him into this present moment to let Him give what He is give–ing in it. My Father rightly knows my past; rightly knows my NOW. I turn from the past, the comparing, regretting, what-if-ing. I may not have the future of a next breath. Derek Prince: “God’s righteousness has no guilty past.” The enemy is eager to shape our view. Our Abba is our view. Our gaze disarms the enemy. Love is “undivided attention”; to gaze at our Father is to SEE…& everything falls into place in our heart in fresh discovery of Him. The most intimate love is our gaze…it doesn’t require words; it’s ‘being there’. Focus is Reality…it’s knowing Him in the undisturbed communion of our gaze. We will relate to others & to life, the way we relate to God. What Breath & breadth!

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