Is the Media Coming for Dinner Again?

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I remember as a child, we had company visit us every night at dinner. I don’t remember the doorbell ringing or even letting them in the door but they always seemed to take a seat at our dining table. They seemed to dominate every conversation while we, the residents of the home, no longer mattered. All eyes were fixed on them as if they were some kind of honored guest, and only when they chose to change the subject would the subject be changed. They scared me as a child and I guess that hasn’t changed much now that I am older. The nightly guest (intruder) at our table was the media.

The Media Having a Place at My Dinner Table

The Media Having a Place at My Dinner Table
Today the media doesn’t sit around my table at dinner because I don’t have a TV next to it anymore but nonetheless the media still seems to dominate the conversation. The reach of their voice has now expanded. A simple switch of the channel can’t silence them. Their voice is now everywhere and on everything. Beyond the regular TV, newspapers, and magazines, their also on our computers, smartphones, and smart watches. These electronics hanging on our bodies and now faithfully delivers the monologue.

So after 45 years of listening, what do I surmise is the goal of all the media’s talk? Beyond the obvious capturing my attention to gain my advertising dollar, there’s an even bigger purpose to their droning on and on. Fear! Why fear? Because it is a tremendous motivator and addicting to my Adamic nature. Fear sells! I love to know and hear all the rights and wrongs in my world. I pay for the privilege to hear it endlessly discussed. But why would you pay for this fearmongering? Because for many of us, it frees us of the labor of having to listen to another’s voice: God, Himself. If the media can tell me what is happening and what I am to do, what need of God is there?

But beyond that what’s the core motivation of whirling up the masses? Does it have a more sinister intention than controlling me and my money? Yes, ultimately I believe the reporting of the media is an attempt to prove that God is not good and that I don’t need Him. The media says:

“There is a CRISIS and God is not in control.”
“God is not good but government and man are!”
“Look, God is inept and doesn’t care but OUR voice (The Media) will show you the way.”

Media, Enmity and Coming to Dinner

Media, Enmity and Coming to Dinner
The world is at enmity with God. It always has reported on His perceived failings. The mantra says that God is not good, that He is down on the job and not fulfilling His end of the bargain. This fear is trusting in evil and insulting to God and His character. And fear is unbelief; so is it any wonder why the media’s call to action is accusation and suspicion of God?

If the world hates you, know that it hated Me before it hated you. If you belonged to the world, the world would treat you with affection and would love you as its own. But because you are not of the world [no longer one with it], but I have chosen (selected) you out of the world, the world hates (detests) you.
John 15:18,19 AMP

Even though we may fail to understand God’s ways in the world’s happenings, He is still perfect and has never failed us. No matter what the media reports as the fear du jour, God always remains unswayed or moved off His grand design. The plan is to know Him, receive His Love and be united with Jesus the Christ. Those who love the world listen, hear and dwell in its fear but God’s children listen to Him and remain in the peace of His Voice. For those who wait, God makes Himself known in all circumstances. We’re called to see and experience Him daily regardless of reported happenings of the media. The truth is we don’t have to live in fear nor be herded by the control of the media’s fearful drumbeat. We have a Father who speaks daily and leads His children in peace through and in this world.

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