Just How Important is it to Love Yourself?

Just How Important is to Love Yourself?

Here is a rather shocking statement: You are required to love God and love yourself whether or not another single soul on this earth loves you. I can do this by showing myself respect, honor, love and acceptance. Outside of God I am the only other guaranteed constant companion in my life. It’s He and I who will always be there, that’s inescapable. You have only one self and you’re required to love that self. However, this can be the most difficult thing to do because most of the human race tends toward self-criticism and self-hatred rather than self-acceptance and self-love.

Love Yourself

Love Yourself
God has set it up so that we don’t need any other person to love us in order to be whole and complete. Though receiving love is amazing, it is not a requirement for me to be me and for me to love myself. My joy and happiness come from the Lord not from any man’s expressed love towards me. This is a contrary thought to much of what the world says. The masses continually seek to “BE LOVED.” And this is probably why many marriages simply fail. Seeking to get love rather than to express love is a recipe for destruction. And more, if we fail to love ourselves, scripture proves that we will fail to love others anyway.

‘You must love your neighbor in the same way you love yourself.’
Mark 12:31 TPT

We can even view this in the reverse, because I think it is true. If you don’t love yourself, you can’t love your neighbor. You simply can’t give what you don’t have. And if you have only hatred or disdain for yourself, how in the world could you possibly give love to another single soul?

Loving Yourself

loving yourself
The Lord challenged me the other day: “Be as loving to yourself as you are desiring to be towards others.” When I am not stressed, I am kind of a lover by nature. I express and exude love when the Lord moves on me. I don’t feel any qualms about expressing it, even when it is misunderstood. Maybe that makes me a glutton for punishment. But if I love, I am going to express it. I can’t help it! And I am not saying to express love in a creepy invasive way, but only as the Lord leads. Our love comes from Him and He wills to express it through us.

Scripture instructs us to be living vessels of love. We walk this earth to experience and express Love. And looking at the mess our world is in, we quickly see the problem is many of us have let our love run cold. And if the above is true this also means we have let our love for self grow cold, too. To compensate we care more about our rights and entitlements. Rather than loving, we squirrel away substitutes to pacify our cold hearts. This is a tragedy! We forgo the only meaningful course of life, which is to Love.


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    • Sandy

      How can one not comment on such a thing as Love… But then, what to say!?!

      LOVE is so completely other, and yet it walks here! Among us! I fear I am mostly blind to it! But I can hear it calling… to surrender more…

      Just. Floored. Brother.

      • Love you Big Sandy! Thank you for always saying the perfect thing. Hugs to you!!!

    • Vicki

      John, you have hit on a love Truth that is huge. It is piercing me to the core. Thank you for causing us to look away from what would so easily entangle us to Christ. “Christ in me the hope of glory!” Love you dearly!

      • SO glad it touched you! Amazing that loving self can be an additional expression of love for Jesus. I love you too!!!


      Beautiful. Healing. Cultivating. Amen.

    • Nancy

      Thank you John for this message! It has meant so much to us who have had this discussion among us this week! Self hatred can so cause one to “take control” or “be out of control” either one is such stubborness. The scriptures say that He is in control, and says He loves me, us, His child, so who am I to say to HIM otherwise! Am staying His child, in the moment, gazing on the ONE who is Lord of all.

    • Richard Waters

      When Dad tells you that He loves and likes you, you experience a subjective embrace that makes you secure in your own skin. You begins to get out of yourself and start giving Love away. Even Jesus needed to hear, “You are my beloved Son and I am well pleased with You”. (Mk.1:11)

      • We all need to hear it, and so many simply don’t believe it. Believing their own assessment rather than the Father. We need just so much grace and mercy don’t we! I love the feeling you describe of being comfortable in my own skin.

    • Sandy

      My dear sweet brother! May we never stop running the race, until the day when all we will know is Love…

    • Helen

      How i treat God is seen in how I treat me as His, & so also how I treat others. To be me, is to be His. True self-love is on the inside, of His making…to love Him is to love His making, of me. It takes the Holy Spirit to bring us to the Reality of a true self-love. There is a stream of the Lord’s speaking underlying each moment. He does nothing in a whim, it is..prepared..
      with a knowing God in it. We see Loves Wisdom all through the Word in hearts He knew how to uncover & unburden, & set free, by Love inconceivable, truth in purpose unstoppable. To show myself ‘respect, honor, love & acceptance’, to be a vessel of Love…I marvel over this one statement that shines over all…”God meant it for good”. It shines over all the ways Love came to me, & all the ways HE expresses His Love through us.

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