Love Your Neighbor, Not Just Anyone

Love Your Neighbor, Not Just Anyone

And He said to him, “‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ This is the great and foremost commandment. The second is like it, ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’”
Matthew 22:37-39 NASB (emphasis mine)

First John’s posts on loving yourself and now Martha’s are piercing my heart! (So much so that I’m writing again. I missed you guys!) And in the midst of that heart piercing, the Holy Spirit highlighted the second commandment for me: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” Why didn’t Jesus just say ‘people’ in general? Why did He specify ‘neighbor’ instead? I believe that it is much easier to love (or hate!) a stranger than it is to love someone you actually know.

Strong’s defines ‘neighbor’ as one “with whom we live or whom we chance to meet,” one who is “near.” These are the people that God puts in our lives, whether for a few minutes or a few decades. On the one hand, our ‘neighbors’ look out for us, help us, pray for us, care for us, stand with us, give to us, grieve with us, and laugh with us. But these same people can also test our patience, disrupt our peace, hurt our hearts, and challenge our faith – depending on the day. And that’s when choosing to love is hard.

Love Your Neighbor Who Is Not a Stranger

Love Your Neighbor Who Is Not a Stranger
Unlike people close to us, dealing with a stranger is simple. If a stranger does or says something we don’t like, we can loathe them or dismiss them. There’s no investment and our heart isn’t connected, so dehumanizing strangers by making them an object of pure evil is all too easy to do. This is on display in politics all the time. It’s not enough to say, “We see things differently,” and go on about your day. No, that person is the devil’s own servant on leave from the bowels of hell and it is only right to hate them.

By the same token, we can drape a stranger with all manner of illusions to make it easier to love them. It isn’t hard to assign godly character traits – even nobility – to a person you don’t actually know but want to like. We dehumanize just as often by idealizing people, perhaps nowhere so rampant as with modern celebrity. I think that we want to believe the lies are true, that maybe some people are just better than common humanity. And so we raise the pedestal and prop up the delusion. We love from afar, with no heart or relationship, until the lie is exposed and it all falls down. And then we do it again. Maybe that’s why Jesus opted to be specific and said neighbor instead of just all humanity.

Let Jesus Love Your Neighbor AND YOU

Let Jesus Love Your Neighbor AND YOU
The connection between loving yourself and loving your neighbor cannot be denied. A lovely woman I’ve known for almost a decade has had a VERY hard year. Every aspect of her life has been hit with pain and loss. And in the midst of this suffering, she was stabbed in the heart by lovelessness. A seeming-friend had grown weary of hearing about the need born of this suffering and demanded an end to it. No more asking for prayer on this ground. Time to move on! Just hearing about the need – not even being asked to meet it! – was too much to bear. Now that’s love grown cold.

Yet as cruel as this woman was to my friend, I have no doubt that she is as loveless to herself. No patience, no compassion, no longsuffering—when we receive no grace for ourselves, we have none for our ‘neighbor’ when it’s needed. A tragedy on every level.

It is costly to love my neighbor, because people are messy. We lose our tempers, speak thoughtlessly, forget birthdays, fail to show up, and need more than anyone can give. And human love just can’t cut it under those conditions. Human love will bail out with all the subtlety of a carnival barker. So being called to love your neighbor as yourself will drive you to Jesus if you’re even remotely honest. I’ve been crying out to the Lord for years because my deficit of love is so frightening. My whole relationship with Jesus Christ turns on this terrible need of mine and His utter faithfulness to fulfill it.

Only God loves fully and without condition or judgment. And that unfathomable love holds the power to change someone’s life completely. I am a walking testament to the power of God’s love. My ‘neighbors’ loved me into being, and my world changed. “‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’” Yes, Lord, because You first loved me!

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    • Rachel

      “Only God loves fully…” God told me a few weeks ago that I go through life “loving” people so they will accept me, OUCH! I thought I was doing what I was supposed to do: loving them! I didn’t realize I was trying to GET love for me! I saw myself and repented and asked God to fix/change me so HIS Love would flow through me (my heart so yearns to reach the people around me with His Love so they will come to Him)

      I like it that you said only God loves fully…it HAS to be HIS Love coming through us, it can’t be our own “fake” love. We can’t “try” to love, that would mean we are pulling it out of ourselves somewhere and that won’t be real Love.
      Choosing to love through obeying the Father and choosing to walk in humility (and no judgment) with our neighbors is the Way to Love because it’s Him then. (and Jennifer, I agree, the closest ones are the ones that Love is perfected on…if we allow it).

      Romans 5:5 (NASB)
      and hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out within our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us.

      Praise God! I receive His Love, poured into my heart, so He can overflow to those around me!

      • shulamite

        Rachel, you took this deeper than I did and I’m so grateful you shared! I am right there with you on the love-to-get-love train. Yet God is SO faithful to get me out of the way so that it is His love ALONE. Thank you for bringing your big beautiful heart here this morning! Jennifer

    • Sandy

      I missed you too Jennifer! ❤
      There’s nothing simple or small about these posts!
      I agree! They are piercing indeed! All of them…
      I see love being ignored. Downplayed. Ridiculed.
      But it is everything… The force that changes. The only thing that will remain. And for those who endure, it will also become their amazing “end”!
      I love you my neighbor!!!

      • Sandy

        OOOOPS! Something went wrong!!!

    • Sandy

      I missed you too Jennifer!
      I agree with you, these posts on love are piercing! All of them!
      There is nothing simple about love, yet I see it completely ignored, downplayed and ridiculed…
      But love is the only force that changes, the only thing that will remain, and for those who endure, it will be the very ending!

      I love you my neighbor!❤

      • shulamite

        You’ve hit the heart of it, Sandy! Love is kicked in the teeth when it’s mentioned at all. But it IS everything. Jesus is everything, and I love you too, neighbor! Jennifer

    • Marsela

      Hi Jennifer, that’s beautiful!
      The word neighbor caught my attention. And I was reminded of the story in Luke.
      The lawyer who went to Jesus and wanted to test Him…

      Jesus proceeds in telling the parable of the Samaritan in response to his question “who is my neighbor?”
      Then Jesus asked him “ which of these three proved neighbor to him who feel among the robbers?”
      to which the layer answered “ he who showed mercy on him”
      the Samaritan “ had been moved with compassion”
      The one to whom the heart goes out becomes a neighbor.
      The question is not so much who is our neighbor, but to whom are we prepared to be a neighbor. Neither the priest nor the Levite was a neighbor to that man.
      The lawyer answered correctly to both questions “ what shall I do to inherit eternal life” and “ who do you think proved to be his neighbor”
      His apprehension was correct.
      Love. The law is love, love is the law.

      “ Go and do likewise” answered Jesus twice.
      “Do” but it goes right back to Jesus doesn’t it.
      “ without me you can do nothing”
      “ abide in my love”

      • Jennifer

        A beautiful example, Marsela! How do we love the people God places in our path? They are most assuredly included as ‘neighbor’ since God put them ‘near’ us.

        • Marsela

          That’s a good question, Jennifer. While the scripture provides many practical instructions on how to love people God puts in our path, especially many are the instructions when addressing the one- another body of believers, but the overall how is, unconditionally, for “ love seeks not its own”. If we are to love with His love, that’s how we will love. We are all however, training, to live by that kind of love. The people that God puts in our path are many. They are certainly all “a neighbor” , but practically speaking we will maybe only prove to be one ourselves to different people at different times. The Lord only is the One who sets the times and priorities for each of us, who belong to Him. ❤️

    • Bruce

      Good word Jennifer. I’ve always enjoyed your pondering’s.

      • Jennifer

        Thank you, Bruce, your kindness brightens my day!

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