Love in a World of Unforgiveness and Hatred

Love in a World of Unforgiveness and Hatred

As humanity circles the toilet bowl of decline, the temptation is to respond and react in anger, hatred, and unforgiveness. The attempt of Satan is to take all of us down with the flush. If he can just get us to harbor unforgiveness and rage we will lose our moral high ground of Christ-life. Again this is precisely Satan’s temptation and design for these days of lawlessness and chaos.

Mounting Unforgiveness and Hatred

Mounting Unforgiveness and Hatred
While re-reading Martha’s outstanding book, Altogether Forgiven, I am seeing even more the pressing demand to live in our world with forgiveness. While our world is going crazy with godless chaos and outright rebellion, the devil would like nothing more than for me to climb into the ring to meet hate, bitterness, and unforgiveness with the same.

So while elected officials keep us on the topsy turvy rollercoaster ride of uncertainty, my response can easily be to hate, to scorn, and to live harboring offenses. This would not only be destructive to my life but would also play into Satan’s plan of bringing down all of humanity in a God-hating frenzy.

Love Purpose in the Hatred

Love Purpose in the Hatred
The remember a lovely meal I had with a number of friends at the house of Martha’s daughter Julia. At one point during the conversation, Julia mentioned God’s purpose in bringing hateful people before us. It’s not to judge, criticize, or hate in return. Our call and design for these situations is that we would bring Christ’s life into the circumstances through prayer. People pass through our lives, with all their mess, in order for us to pray, stand and intercede. This is amazing and freeing! My job is to bring Christ in as He wishes to reveal Himself. His sovereign design is for His entrance through my body.

As the world turns before me, I watch it with Him. The senator calling for our President’s assassination is lost. The Life of Christ is lost to her. And I can fit and fume with hate, or I can let Christ be in me about her and the many others who are racing into hell. I can’t expect them to be anything other than they are without God. Until He touches their lives, they will remain the same. And harboring unforgiveness only assures my destruction and defeat.

The Goal of the Devil

The goal of the devil is to imbue hatred and distract from love. I have written on other posts about how “the love of most will grow cold.” This is the entire point against us. The enemy wishes us to leave our first Love. It is impossible to harbor hatred, bitterness, and unforgiveness and remain in Love. Hatred distracts us from loving and leads us away from the Person of Love. Again this is the enemy’s scheme.

To be worried and concerned about the cares of this world levels my life. The Word says in 2 Timothy 2:4, that no soldier entangles himself with the affairs of this world. Yes, the Kingdom soldier stays on track, and our track is Christ’s Life and His Love.


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    • Jean

      Thank you, John, for this desperately needed reminder of where we need to focus. Can’t wait for the book!

      • shulamite

        Me too Jean on both accounts. A needful reminder and I can’t wait for the book. Bless you!

    • Sandy

      I say “Amen!” to these words, John!
      And what a strong image of that woman embracing the soldier…
      Isn’t that “the antichrist”?! Hate!?

      By the way, I think I recall once seeing Shulamite articles in Spanish, but now I can’t seem to find anything anywhere… Now I don’t know if I’m mixing things up in my head, or maybe you took it down?!!?

      Thank you!!

      • John Enslow

        Thank you for your comment! Always love hearing from you.I actually think the image is supposed to be Christ comforting a hooded militia man. I see a beard. But His love is the message regardless and you got that.

        As far as the en Español articles. The Spanish site is All her devotionals, articles and the like are there. Bless you Sandy!

        • Sandy

          Riiiiight!!! Now I looked long enough to see the beard!!! Haha!
          Thank you for directing me to the Spanish site too!!
          Have a nice day my friend!!

    • Julia


    • Sandy

      Through your last posts, these thoughts have come to my mind…
      Some say the opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s indifference. But isn’t it actually fear to love!?
      And why is loving a scary thing? Because to love is to die…

    • Helen

      “No good soldier entangles himself with the affairs of this world.” A tent life. What a lot of entangling ‘expectations’ are put to rest there; our own, & those projected to pull us from our focus. I can’t help but think of the cry of Christ, uttered by Stephen, full of the Holy Spirit & controlled by Him. “Our Lord, don’t hold this sin against them.” Saul heard this cry. Would I be here, if it hadn’t been cried over me?! “Our high moral ground of Christ-life” is at stake. When it comes to such Love & forgiveness, both in the common & in crisis, I’ve been to the bottom of my barrel, & it’s empty! The Cross finds me, bows me, makes His orders clear. Oh how clear His orders are…in the tent life. To live in His Will brings every supply…infused, inwrought. Everything is about the Person of God…not ideas, beyond situations & up-heavels. God will vindicate Himself. The Lord will be Who He IS, to be seen in His absolute power, perfection & purpose. And then…He will BE WHO HE IS that requires response to Who He IS. The bannered Bride is in the Victory of Christ in the Heavenly Realm…clear focus, Lighted heart, rejoicing over Christ! “Our track is His Life & His Love “

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