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Our God is so completely involved with us. Yes, and more than involved, intimately acquainted with every detail of our lives. He knows us whether we are even willing to know Him. He places His heart on the line continually to be bruised by our ignorance and willful disregard of Him. This He does all the while leaving reminders of His passion-filled thoughts of us — love notes!

Love Notes Abound from God

Love Notes Abound from God

The earth is filled with His notes of love. He has placed them all around us; His deepest longing in signs of remembrance. A world full of events and tangibles calls us continually into deep relationship with Him. His voice sings through all nature, Come, Come away my beloved.”  

The descent of an autumn leaf, the crash of the tumultuous wave, the silence of the night air, the early morning peek of the sun’s face. They all have His call of remembrance concealed in their essence. We would have to strongly resist such a call for intimacy.

Nature is not the only crier of the beckoning sigh of God. No, our tragedy and terrors beckon us to come. The near miss with that tractor trailer, the diagnosis of the cancerous spot. All speak loudly,“Come Away my beloved, Come Away.”

William Law said, “Receive every inward and outward trouble, every disappointment, pain, uneasiness, temptation, darkness, and desolation, with both thy hands, as a true opportunity and blessed occasion of dying to self, and entering into a fuller fellowship with thy self-denying, suffering Savior. Look at no inward or outward trouble in any other view; reject every other thought about it, and then every kind of trial and distress will become the blessed day of thy prosperity. That state is best, which exerciseth the highest faith in and fullest resignation to God.”

And I believe that each of these, as William Law says, is an opportunity to enter into fuller fellowship with our Savior but additionally a call of a longing Lord for our intimacy. A personal Hand-crafted invitation and call to step deeper behind the veil. Not a God of miserly farce but a beaming, exuberant Jesus who groans
“Come away, Oh Come Away my beloved.”

The NIV Worship Bible’s introduction to Ruth reads, “In Ruth we see that there are no ‘mere coincidences’ in the lives of God’s people; His fingerprints can be found on even the most seemingly trivial events.

Every imprint of His finger is a statement left behind for us to know His zealous passion to get to us – Every one. Everything is a love note beckoning us to read the intent of God’s heart.

The Word is Filled with Love Notes

The Word is Filled with Love Notes
The Word itself is full of pleas from our God. “Do this in remembrance of Me.” Pray thus, “Our Father who art in heaven…” These are all direct and audibly heard calls to remember. Remember what, a good prayer? No. A thank-filled offering of bread and wine? No. The awesome price He paid? Not exactly. These are reverberating echoes of a yearning love-sick Lord, pleading with all humanity,
“Come away my beloved.”

Am I not amiss when I focus on the reverberating echo and presume that I have met Him who called. You would never worship the echo of a loving thought that resonated through the canyon. You would climb the mountain and find the one who sent the beckoning voice of “I love you.” The echoes are only the sound waves of the Bridegroom’s heart. To stop at the symbol is like stopping at the wave of the sound and never getting to know the person who made it. It’s like worshiping the invitation and never going to the party.

The thumbprints of His passion are left everywhere, addressed to you by name and pressed into all your life. Those love notes magnify your hunger and thirst, your need for love that has been there all along. You get one of these love notes and you are filled with desperation to know this One who loves you so. It captures your whole being and becomes a madness.

You found the note and read it and now you must have the Author. Sometimes you wish you had never read the note but it is branded in your soul and the promise of it drives you on a pursuit you can neither resist nor quit.

The note reads, “Come away, my beloved.”

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    • Roddy Young

      wonderful John

    • Sandy

      I can’t shake the feeling that actually we are looking at Jesus in the face all day long and yet we don’t see Him… But those times we actually hear Him calling us is when we are listening with our hearts, and then respond with it too. Because as soon as our brain/thinking kicks in, we let go and start drowning. Like Peter…

      • Tina

        Sandy my thoughts upon reading this were “open the eyes of my heart, Lord” that I may see You. I am floored. A layer of scales have fallen off my eyes.

    • Tina

      John this post is an earthquake in my soul. I am so stunned… This statement: “He places His heart on the line continually to be bruised by our ignorance and willful disregard of Him” opened my eyes b/c I realized a major lie of the enemy is that “I am the one putting my heart on the line, being vulnerable, seeking His love and always feeling crushed, slammed and in despair b/c I am afraid that He will not show up”. It does not ever occur to me that it is He that desires Me. I don’t understand. I am just going to BE with it and ponder and pray it dissolves away my fear and all hinderences that keep me from His love.

    • Sharon

      Oh my John! I could feel His Love in every word you wrote! He spoke to me as it leaped from the page into my heart! There is such joy bursting through! It is as if I was standing on the shore and watching the waves come rolling and thundering onto the beach. I love the season of fall and when I have the opportunity to see them floating, swirling downward in the breeze my hubby and I still try to catch them before they land!
      I have been dealing with several temptations and now I no longer see them as struggles. But as your quote from Mr Law as opportunities of dying to the flesh! Thank you so much John for your obedience to God in sharing this with us!!!! Love in Christ. Blessings. Sharon

    • Pauline

      You can’t know, John, how timely this was. None of my family (except my husband) has a relationship with Christ but I’ve ceased pleading long, emotional prayers for their salvation. Whenever He brings one of them to mind, I just say, “Whatever it takes, Lord.” Well, my 86 year old Dad – in perfect health yesterday, had a massive stroke this morning–he’s confused, frustrated, very weak and cannot speak or understand things very well. My Mom is very fragile and scared. I love them but they belong to Him and maybe this will be their opportunity to hear His song: “Come away my beloved, Come Away.”

    • tammy

      Lord, may I be ever climbing.

    • Dave

      Thank you, John, for this daily bread.

    • grace

      Blessed New Year John!

      Thank you for this beautiful love note from God to start the new year, with a fresh reminder of His loving call..
      So blessed again by Shulamite ministry .. God bless you all!

    • Sandy

      “Take me away with you – let us hurry!”

    • Pauline

      John — not just a scribe, a poetic scribe! Your writing is somewhat like your photographs and art work: so visual. But though your gifts are enviable and satisfying, I worship the One Who gifted you!
      Thank you, John — you are blessed!

    • Marsela

      How wonderful, thank you John! You know, last weekend, all weekend long I have been singing in my heart and aloud a song ” Come, come, come away with Me” sang after the melody of ” What child is this” song, we sing it in our fellowship. The Holy Spirit brought it to my heart last weekend and The Lord and I sang to each other, a delight in His Spirit and mine!
      What a passionate Lover He is, and you beautifully describe it here, He uses everything to bid us to come!

      I particularly remember one day, a couple of years ago, in late spring. I was taking my daily walk at work, which was about a mile walk, walking in a circle around a big pond, a beautiful view. I always take my short walks at work, ( I’m at a different place now) and fellowship with Him in my spirit, letting Him talk to me and I to Him, as we enjoy each other. That particular day, I don’t recall exactly what had happened at work, but I was thinking of work and whatever issue might have been, and totally forgot to think or talk to Him. As I was coming toward the end of the walk, there’s a place where a flower with a strong sweet smell grows, which I happen to love. As I was passing, I took a deep breath to enjoy the smell, and as I did, instantly I said, THE LORD, I remembered… and right away, in an unmistakable voice, I heard He said ” I love you”, I replied ” I love you too Lord” and we continued… We forget .. but He never does, never. What a glories lover we have in our Lord!!!

      “Sweet Bride my love come away with me,
      Leave your cares behind, I have set you free,
      The winter’s passed and the rain is gone,
      It is time to arise and go with Me.

      Come, come, come away with Me
      Let our hearts be one for eternity
      Come, come, come away with Me
      And we’ll be together forever.

      At last my Lord I can hear your voice
      It is all I hear, oh my heart rejoice,
      You bid me come, and I follow You
      It matters not where You take me.

      Jesus my fair Lord and King
      To You my heart with joy I bring,
      Jesus I belong to You,
      For You have desired to love me”.

    • Barb

      John, what lovely magical words to draw me closer to God’s love. Thank you.

    • Richard Waters

      The whole of Scripture is a Love Letter from Home!

      • Yes and amen Richard! Bless you my brother.

    • Jim

      “ It’s like worshiping the invitation and never going to the party”
      John this is one of the most perfectly profound things you’ve ever written, thank you for sharing His heart for you, with us.

      • Thank you so much Jim! I am so pleased it spoke to you. I miss you a lot and love you huge!

    • Sandy

      And there is nothing… Nothing… Not a thing… That can separate us from His love!!

      So let us throw caution to the wind and run as fast as we can to find the Lover of our soul!

    • Helen

      “Then I turned to see whose was the voice speaking to me.” Not the words only, but the Person, to run toward Loves passionate pursuit. William Law: ‘trouble, disappointment, pain, uneasiness, temptation, darkness & desolation’…dying to self where there was a hold-out for ‘compensation’, blocking the riches of His Love. (Lk. 6) ‘love your enemies…considering nothing as lost & despairing of no one…the Most High…is kind & charitable & good to the ungrateful & selfish & wicked…acquit, forgive, release, give up resentment, let it drop…’ Love pierced my heart. “How content you become when you weep with brokenness for you will laugh with unrestrained joy.” Love is altogether Love. The telling FRAGRANCE is CHRIST…you have been with Jesus. I wept at His desire: ‘Come away…’ “let me see your face, let me hear your voice, for your voice is sweet & your face is lovely. My heart was touched & fervently sang to Him my desire.” “The season for singing & pruning the vines has arrived.” John…this is a powerful message of HIS LOVE.

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