Love is Power and Always Wins

Love is Power and Always Wins

Love is the greatest power in the universe. And, as John has written, there is only One Who loves.

We think of love as weakness. You are vulnerable when you love; your open heart is a target for hurt. Even so… Love is power. Love is the power of influence. Love is the infusion of energy that carries you forward when you want to drop out of the human dilemma!

Love is Power in Reaching People

Love is Power in Reaching People
I had such a moment a while back, walking with someone who was so rebellious to God, yet floating above reality with religious ideas that bordered on false doctrine. I had given the answer countless times. “Surrender. Simple…just follow God and obey. All will be solved. Then you will see clearly.”

This one was saying yes, but meaning NO.

Those who hate the Lord would pretend obedience to Him, and their time of punishment would be forever.
Psalm 81:15 NASB

The rebel is a cruel soul. They seem to think you don’t notice when they sneak in a mean jab covered in the syrup of flattery. My flame of God-love for this person burned low and was almost gone, but I wasn’t released.

“Now this has become MY crisis, Lord. I am in trouble and I need your great Love.”

Beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.
1 John 4:11 ESV

“Please, give me YOUR love for this one.” And then I worked and prayed and chose to forgive.

The very next day, God’s love came and it burned bright. I was free. I had not realized that Hate (using the rebel) was after me with all his murder of God. And the Lord ‘delivered me from evil’ on the wings of His forgiving Love.

Love is Power over ALL Darkness

Love is Power over ALL Darkness
But this time, I sensed something of which I am not always fully conscious. I had a strong sense of the presence of spiritual authority. And I knew I could bring that rebel to God through prayer and nothing could defeat or thwart the dynamic of God’s love. With Love I had authority over the enemy, and because of Love I had faith IN the power of Love.

Love conquers. Love dispels darkness. No Hate of the enemy could stop this unquenchable divine Love.

“By this we know love, that He laid down His life for us, and we ought to lay down our lives for the brothers.”
1 John 3:16 ESV

The solution will always be Love. To every conflict, to all injustice, for those on the reckless path to ‘punishment,’ Love is the power, the answer and the victory. And God’s Love is the only need for both the rebel and me.

Stand watch and stay in the Love of God, for the fight is over. It was a war between the two entities: Love and Hate. Love has already won. The prodigal is coming home.

P.S. Don’t try to guess who I am talking about. Truth is…the story is about many.

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    • sue

      Oh my, Martha, bless you for your Faith in HIS LOVE and its redeeming power, thank you for your forgiveness and calling out to the LORD, for HIS love to lift me out of my rebellion and sin of delusion and control. Joining you in your prayer for the Spirit of Abba to my spirit “to make us conscious and aware of the Son within” that you shared
      in your morning devotion. Bless you LORD for keeping any evil coming from my rebellion to come against this precious woman. FOREVER GRATEFUL

    • Paul

      Thank you Martha, for this wonderful reminder that LOVE is always the answer, because that is WHO He is, and He wants us to demonstrate we are truly His children as we reflect the love of our Heavenly Father. How wonderful to be reminded that when we can’t, HE CAN and DOES love through us, as long as we are willing!! Thank you for the way you model choosing to LOVE and allowing His love to always flow through you. So grateful for you and this post today!

    • Pauline

      This is so timely, Martha. In our little prayer group just two days ago, we talked about the purpose of our gathering: to bring others to God in prayer, with His authority and by the power of His love.
      We were reading in Hebrews 10, specifically vs 23-25 and 35-39 and applied this confidence and endurance in prayer as we — prayed [after confessing to each other and repenting].
      Whether a member of the Body is physically ill, emotionally weary, plagued by guilt or depression — whatever the Holy Spirit brings to light, we have the responsibility and the privilege to bring them to God in prayer and watch what He does, just as anyone else would do and has done for any one of us. We have been encouraged by the Lord to see, over time, so many answers to prayer.
      So this was quite familiar and a blessing, as usual.
      Thank you, Martha, for showing what it looks like to be vulnerable: open to be wounded; His love and faithfulness that brings victory.
      His Love to you!

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