Sacrificed to Love


There is nothing more vulnerable than love. You can be hurt and murdered and defiled and scorned and lied about… but there is nothing more vulnerable than just to love.

There was a movie, I can’t remember the name of it, and the grandmother said:

“You will never know love unless
you sacrifice yourself to it.”

Leo Tolstoy said, “Everything I ever learned, I learned by love.” That’s very telling. And the thing that propels you to love is being hated. I can’t explain it but it takes a lot of hatred to learn to love. Paul said, “You have LEARNED to love the brethren…” (1 Thes. 4:9).

It takes a lot of hatred to cause you to WANT to love.
And you have a choice when you’re hated…
whether you will love or hate.

I can take no credit for the love of God that I’ve come to know and express. The only thing I can take credit for is repentance. (Related Article Foundation of Repentance)

He came into my life for years and sooo inundated me, overwhelmed me, and caused me to experience the ecstasy of God, that I cannot NOT want everybody to have that same measure of love from Him.

I cannot stop that Love – it’s not in me! He founded me on love, and once you’ve seen love and been captured to love, that can never be removed from you. You cannot do otherwise… because the love of God compels you.

The only thing I did was say “yes” to repentance
when He brought it – “Yes, I am guilty with no excuse.”

We can’t sacrifice for love. We can’t lay down our lives for Him. We can’t do anything for Him apart from a major reception of love that comes from being absolutely leveled and humiliated, or devastated. (Related Teaching Let the Son Shine In)

My repentance was because of me! And it just so happened I was in my 20s. I give Him ALL the glory because He so got me into Love that I cannot bear to hate. I know how to hate; I know it well! I can hate! And I know how it feels to be hated.

I know how it feels to hate but I can’t bear it because I’ve known Love. And my agony and prayer for all people is that they would repent and be able to receive the Love of God – to let Him come in as He wants to.

It’s not possible to lay down your life for love apart from a major work OF Love in your life. And He has it waiting for us. (Related Booklet Seeing Him)

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