I Hid It In the Earth


In a recent podcast, we discussed lethargy as it relates to fear, and today I would like to post about it. In rereading Matthew 25, I saw something rather convicting. The New Living Translation renders verse 25 like this: “I was afraid I would lose your money, so I hid it in the earth.”  So I hid it in the earth! This doesn’t feel like a typical burying; it feels like an investment or trust. It’s one thing to bury something, but this way of putting it harkens to hiding your lamp under a bushel.

This is so terribly frightening.  I can clearly see how I can run to the world and hide my talents.  Whether I’m looking for validation, affirmation, love or acceptance.  If I seek the world to receive me, I am literally hiding my talents in the earth.   Investing my talents with a trust for reward.  Yikes!

And why would you do this?  If you have the chance for the most amazing adventure in Christ’s love and intimacy, why would you go about investing yourself in the earth?  It is real simple: because of the old and false beliefs about God.  No condemnation in this, we all have erroneous thoughts of God.  We inherited that suspicion in the Garden of Eden, right before we were kicked out.  We judge God by who we are. I squint my eyes at Him because I see my humanity, not His divinity.

So in the burying of our talents we become lethargic. It’s an unwillingness to do the work to believe Him about who He says He is.  I lay back into the laziness of accusation.  It is so simple to blame and point the finger.  Any couch potato can do that, but who is it that stands against the flow of sewage and subterfuge to have faith that He is who He says He is?  Well that hasn’t been me for most of my life.  I am more likely than not to allow circumstance to tell me who God is.  Oh, it’s so evil.   And the Bible says, WICKED AND LAZY!

If the only thing that pleases the Lord is to have faith, why would I think this world would assist me in cultivating it?  No, the world will only support my indictments against His character.  And the masses follow this lazy path of allegations.

The Bible shows that faith comes from two things. The first is to look away unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith. He is the entire source of all the faith I need. Second, faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.  So to sum this up, life is what you look at and what you listen to. WOW! Literally what you look at and what you listen to determines what you believe.  So in your decision of what you will hear and look at, you determine your destiny. The choice is the world and what it says, or God and what He says.

The servant who buried his talent in the earth, chose to protect himself from a master he believed would hurt him. He preferred comfort in the dirt of forgetting to the exposure of his heart by laying himself on the line. The engaged heart is always an at-your-own-risk proposition, but it’s a safe bet in the Loving One who entreats us to gamble it all.

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I know this is late but I want to say thank you for the entitlement series. It was soooo enlightening and then this post also. Thank you so much.

God is so faithful! Your writing this morning confirms what God has given me in Matt. 25:14-30, “and to each according to his own belief.” I have been writing journal for the last 2 years, and in “writing down the vision” the Lord is showing me who I am, and is also showing me I AM, and His faithfulness. In my writing on Feb 2, in part it went like this, “Forgive me Lord for feeling sorry for myself because of expectation, because of justice that I’ve given out, because of what I’ve failed to look at, to look at… Read more »

Wow John, I am under an avalanche of revelation after reading this post. So much to consider.

I try not to bury my treasure in the dirt, when I have doubt and unbelief that creeps into my heart, I remember the past and how faithful He has been and I remember what He said in His word. At that moment I ask for forgiveness for allowing doubt and unbelief in my heart. I don’t want to offend Him by not believing Him. The thought will come into my mind not just once but Satan will make several attempts to make God a liar and I run to Jesus.

We have never met…yet here I am described to a “T”! “The servant who buried his talent…chose to protect himself…” “He preferred comfort in the dirt of forgetting to the exposure of his heart by laying himself on the line.” I’d like to believe this isn’t the truth of who I am at all but all to often my thoughts of doubt “is this really You God or are these my thoughts” keep me wallowing in the dirt! You have given me much to ruminate on: “We judge God by who we are.” “Life is what you look at and… Read more »
“We judge God by who we are. I squint my eyes at Him because I see my humanity, not His divinity.” Thank you John. I liked so much how you put it together. That verse is a difficult one! I guess from intuition I have always believed since I was a child the treasure hidden in our hearts is Divinity (Jesus Christ!). He is THERE for everyone, for every human being ever existed. He IS there, “knocking the door.” And if you want to “kill Him”, then you bury that treasure under dust and the values of dust (corruption and… Read more »

Sam, thank you for this comment. The Holy Spirit has revealed truth to me about the “treasure” through your words.

I am so blessed by you and the others too…