He Comes for Sinners


As I was going through my storage basket this morning, looking for my Worship Bible to mark my promises from Him in pink for 2013, I ran across several books I’ve been wanting to read.  I picked up “Unsearchable Riches” by John Dickie, given to me by a loving Shulamite Ministries’ supporter, and opened it to discover a wonderful poem.  “Only the Sinner Finds the Saviour” so deeply impacted me because it felt so similar to my own experience, my conflicts, my walk with the Lord. I wept with gratitude as I related to his journey and for our Savior’s amazing grace.  I pray this poem blesses you and strikes as deep a chord in your spirit as He reveals even more fully the wonder of His grace.

Come read Only the Sinner Finds the Saviour.

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