Attaining to Sonship


I recently listened to one of my favorite messages by Art Katz, originally delivered June 2002 in Challis, Idaho. It was titled Attaining to Sonship. It’s a message that irrevocably changed my life. I have truly never been the same since that day in June. Amazingly, the reverberation of this word affects my life daily.  The message was on Sonship, and it wasn’t one I merely listened to; it’s powerful anointing dynamically impacted me. Art was an amazing man – literally a force of nature. Plain and simple, God used this man to impact His world, and I miss him!

Simply Hearing About Sonship

Simply Hearing About Sonship
But today I’m seeing something really major about this teaching: We’re never going to receive nor experience Sonship merely by listening to a teaching on the subject. Sonship comes through impartation from the resurrected life in another. Yep, it’s received by impartation more than revelation. Revelation of the resurrected life is for understanding, but the reality of it in our lives comes about through an impartation.

The resurrected life is received and conceived, not perceived.

With rare exceptions, living the resurrected life of the Son comes through impartation as someone else lives that Life before you. When I heard Art’s message, it was like a Ground Zero moment in my spiritual life. It was a moment in time that changed everything. But unseen was the back-story that played out prior to me hearing this message. I’d walked years with Martha Kilpatrick, who gave daily evidence to the resurrected Life. She was teaching me while being an example of it, and I was receiving it through a living impartation. Martha was living the resurrected life before me, and I was being changed with each moment. God used her to work this message into the soil of my heart, so that when Art spoke the message, the reality was ignited in me.

The Reality of Sonship

The Reality of Sonship
You see, the message itself wasn’t the reality. I know that Art’s words that day were not Art but Christ. He was giving witness to the message Christ spoke through him.  Art brought forth Sonship reality in delivering a message about Sonship.  But without the groundwork laid beforehand, I would not have entered into a new actuality. I see now how someone could leave that message and think, “Boy, that was anointed,” yet not be changed. But for many years, there was a working of my heart prior to that message. That work turned my heart into receptive soil—well-fertilized, perfectly tilled and ready for the message to be delivered.

Receiving Sonship

Receiving Sonship
The messages, “Not I but Christ” and “Christ in me, the hope of glory,” are received through impartation. We really must have it evidenced through living example. Why does it have to literally be given through example not just teaching? Because life begets life. The reality of resurrected life, which is His life, has to be transferred through another person’s resurrected life. Someone has to be willing to carry the message and pay the price in my life for that message to be birthed.

Who are these someone’s? These are often the ones who receive little thanks but carry us within the womb of their own spirits to birth Christ’s life in us. The scripture talks about Paul travailing with birth pangs until Christ is formed in the Galatians (Gal. 4:19). The apostle Paul gave evidence to the resurrected life and carried sons full-term to birth. Paul’s job wasn’t primarily to stand up and explain the revelation; he had to live it out before them, transferring the Life of which he spoke. This is discipleship! It is the making of disciples!

The exchanged life only comes through an exchange of lives.

(In the days to come I will post the transcription of Art’s message. I hope it blesses you greatly.)

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Wow, John. i was drawn into Romans 8 this morning then drawn back here with what seems like God’s own desire for this revealing of sonship. I wasn’t even thinking of it but am so looking forward to what He in you will bring forth!
“For [even the whole creation (all nature) waits expectantly and longs earnestly for God’s sons to be made known [waits for the revealing, the disclosing of their sonship]. (Romans 8:14-25 Ampc) Oh, Come, Lord Jesus!


Not just another message but a living impartation. This statement takes on new meaning. Grateful for yours and for Art Katz lived out testimony.

PERFECT, That is the perfect application for that phrase. Bless you Seth, hope you enjoy the message. Thank you for the encouraging word! Love you!

Bruce Dickey

Here in lies the difference between a life style and a philosophy. Jesus spoke as one having authority because He lived what He spoke.

Your messages are true Biblical exhortation because they lead the reader to hope in Christ and not just the message.

That is awesome Bruce. May that be said of all my messages “hope in Christ and not just the message.” Big smiles, thank you. Bless you Bruce!


On Thursday’s post I commented, “In the past some of his [Art Katz] teachings have also been a mystery to me…”. Several years ago I began listening to some of his sermons. I gained some knowledge but at the time that was about it. I knew there was something about him that drew me in, but with each additional sermon I grew more and more frustrated because he made statements that I didn’t understand. I had questions that I couldn’t get answered (he’d already passed away). Off and on I’d thought about revisiting those messages but hadn’t until you mentioned… Read more »

Art was a force Tammy. A beautiful man! I am so pleased you are enjoying him, and this go around is full of clarity. May you enjoy the transcript. It was and event for me not just a message. Love you Tammy!


Thank you, John, for the link…put all of his messages on sermonindex on my podcast link in itunes–didn’t yet get through “And They Crucified Him.” Lots of adjectives to this post come to mind but frankly, John, one is ‘discouraging.’ You have been blessed with the tangible presence of one (Martha) able to impart this Resurrection Life, having lived it out in front of you. “Someone has to be willing to carry the message and pay the price in my life for that message to be birthed. Who are these someone’s? These are often the ones who receive little thanks… Read more »

Martha and I talked about your comment and her response was that Pauline you have received a living impartation from us. You receive so personally and deeply from our lives. This issue is about Life to life. Pauline you don’t receive knowledge, you receive life and Life is the issue. Life transcends the proximity of relationship. Martha says she is always excited to hear from you because you so receive His Life. Can we not be the ones carrying you in the womb of our spirits? I thought about the fact that many have little to no true Life fellowship.… Read more »


Yes, Pauline, I believe “the shulamites” carry a lot of people in their womb. At the end of times we will know “how many.”

I believe this ministry of following the Lord is like a misterious seed. I think anyone following the Lord Jesus also carry in her/himself other people, many times unknowingly… other times knowingly.

John probably talks here of the “known” ones, and you are one of those “known” ones. I am one of those too.


Love to the Body!


That is such a privilege, is it not, Sam? Especially knowing, in part, the price they have paid and still do.
This is Love in action!
Thank you for your interest, Sam. Not to sound like a “mutual admiration society,” but I always am uplifted by your comments.


Oh, Pauline, so sweet of you. You carry others too! And if you do not now, I assure you… you will sooner than later if you follow Him. It is something you do not always seek. It comes to you. Be at home, work or any other place. You “suffer” it for others (whether you like it or not, if you follow Him, you will experiment this), and others “suffer” it for your sake. The same applies to me… It is a kind of law in the Body of Christ, and He was the first to bear it for us… Read more »


This brought remembrances of old.



… of old days when I first met someone who lived under His umbrella. The first “apostle” (or “sent one”) the Lord sent to me.


You wrote this just for me didn’t you? I think I may be beginning to have a tiny grasp of this concept of impartation vs revelation. Thanks for the link to Art Katz, I had not heard of him before.