A Vast Power


(The first in Martha’s article series, Our Right of Entrance.)

Andrew Murray says that without the Blood of Jesus Christ, we have nothing. And unless we repent of sin, we don’t have the Blood. Unless we receive His forgiveness, we don’t have the Blood because the forgiveness and remission of sins is in the Blood. Murray says that every access to God, every fellowship with God, is only with the Blood.

Once I was very naïvely saying, “Father, I just want to come into Your presence and be with You,” and I thought He would welcome me with open arms. But He said very sternly, “You can come in… but you can only enter if the Blood of Christ has covered every sin – past, present, and future. You can only enter My presence with the absolute covering of the Blood.”

The Blood of Christ is a vast power beyond our understanding.

Andrew Murray has an astonishing revelation of the Blood of Christ in its infinite power.  He wrote:

“The precious blood of Christ has opened the way for the believer into God’s presence; and intimacy with Him is a deep, spiritual reality. He who knows the full power of the blood is brought so near that he can always live in the immediate presence of God and in the enjoyment of the unspeakable blessings attached to it.

There, the child of God has the assurance of God’s love; he experiences and enjoys it. God Himself imparts it. He lives daily in the friendship and fellowship of God.  …  In intimacy with God, he is able to hear the softest whispers of the Holy Spirit. He learns to understand the slightest sign of His Father’s will and to follow it.  His strength continually increases, for God is his strength; and God is ever with him” (The Power of the Blood of Christ, p. 87-88).

Murray quotes Hebrews 10:19-20 (KJV), “Having therefore, brethren, boldness to enter by the Blood of Jesus, by a new and living way, which He hath consecrated for us, through the veil, that is to say, His flesh…”

The Blood bestows our right of entrance.

To receive the Blood is to receive the power of the Blood to work in your body for health and in your conscience for cleansing. It’s not so much that you forget the sin, but all the sting and memory of it is wiped away.

The power of the Blood is just amazing! I began in a godless Episcopal church where I didn’t know a single believer but me. Yet there was one thing Episcopalians celebrated – the centrality of the communion: Christ’s body and Blood.

So I came into the Lord believing in the power of communion, believing in the power it has for healing, and experiencing the transformation of that symbol into the real body and Blood of Jesus. He said (paraphrasing), “If you don’t drink My Blood and eat My flesh, you have no life in you and no part with Me” (John 6:53).

So this is the entrance. This is the solution and there is no other. There is no need for any other. When we take communion and we believe that the symbol represents the REALITY, then we are changed! Literally, I believe that healing enters our body and mind, into our entire being.

Copyright © 2012 Martha Blaney Kilpatrick

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8 years ago

“To receive the Blood is to receive the power of the Blood to work in your body for health . . .”; “When we take communion and we believe that the symbol represents the REALITY, then we are changed! Literally, I believe that healing enters our body . . .” I have a hard time with this, Martha, because I have an illness that has hospitalized me more than once (just in the past 6 months). I believe that I have received the Blood of Jesus; but if I were to proclaim what I believe: that my very life is… Read more »

8 years ago

The Holy Spirit is speaking two words to me through this post: believe, receive

8 years ago

Thank You!

8 years ago

Yesterday evening I stumbled across this quote by Watchman Nee: “We come with authority and a commission. We come to Him as if coming to our own house; we knock at the door boldly and enter naturally. We should all come to the Holy of Holies and meet God with such an attitude. If we know the worth of the blood, we will surely have boldness.” … ” Our breaking of the bread (the body) is a sign that the veil (the Lord’s body) has been broken. The barrier has been removed, and we can now enter the Holy of… Read more »

8 years ago

🙂 Thank you.

8 years ago

Oh I needed to be reminded again, as always about this blessed message. Thank you and may the LORD bless this to all who read and believe.