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Operate on What You Know

Recently a brother of mine gave me a word of hope. I believe it was from the Spirit. He said, “John, operate on what you know.” What did the word mean in my situation. While I could assume all day long, I have learned this is NEVER helpful. I always have to lean in to His words with curiosity. Then He has the ability to truly lead and direct. 

What You Know

What You Know
What I have gleaned in the years of walking with Him is He likes to speak for Himself. Even if we receive a word from Him, He wants to be able to direct the application. Yes, even if we hear it directly from Him rather than from another source, He loves for us to look to Him to be able to apply how it is lived out. This is how parenting works! I mean “STOP!” is obvious, but a word like this lends itself to interpretation. 

This is my joy as a child of God. I want to be led, guided and directed. This is safety and relationship. And after all what is all of life but an opportunity for relationship with Him. So an open door of invitation to receive His word to me gives way for me to learn who He is and discover further His ways. The older I get the more this is my necessity!

Living in the Moment

Living in the Moment
Here is what I have learned: the power of God rest in my now moment not in my past nor in my future. I access the active and live power of God in my now moment. See how that directs my steps. Moment by moment He is with me NOW. The Lord established it like this so I would remain dependent on Him, leaning on His strength and not my own. But where we access this power is right now, in our current moment. Wow, can you imagine He wants to be that involved with me?! Yes, that is a Abba Father, a beloved Daddy! 

I wrote in my last post that the fear of transition can be utilized of Satan. He can tempt me to leave the walk of faith, which is trust in my Father, and enter the chaos of confusion. A deadly course for sure. Oh and how he tries to convince me that all is lost and EVERYTHING is headed for destruction. But no the Lord my God is greater than my circumstance. He is Lord over all and able to reveal Himself to all. 

I confess that I don’t always do this faithfully.  My heart flutters and flits in the winds of change. But what I know at my core is ultimately He will show Himself strong. I may falter but He will always be my Daddy. He will forever be proven as trustworthy with my heart. And He is committed to do the same with you. He is ABBA, FATHER, true holder of our hearts. 

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