Living Demonstration, Part 1

conference room

The heart is the secret meeting place of every person where all directions are chosen, and strategy is planned and maps are drawn. The heart is a perpetual boardroom meeting, always in session.

Mind, Will and Emotion are the section leaders.  Spirit and Conscience try to influence the outcome but they do not have the final say.  Will does.

Thoughts and Feelings sit at the head of the conference table. Along the side, Past Memories sit beside Broken Dreams. Ambition has a prominent chair right next to Thoughts. Desire and Greed sit together and ever whisper, sometimes Greed takes over Desire.  Issues are brought to the fore and there is a vote. God is always there in the meeting and records the final decision. He is rarely given the Head of the table but He watches…and keeps records.  He hears the heart!

I am He Who searches minds (the thoughts, feelings, and purposes)
and the [inmost] hearts, and I will give to each of you
[the reward for what you have done] as your work deserves.
Revelation 2:23b Amplified

The heart is the determining place of our life’s meaning and direction and most of us are not present at our own meeting. We are not aware of our heart reactions and musings, much less the conclusions that form our very character and our distant future. So we consider that we are just poor victims of life.

We live in the mind not the heart, full of assumptions, prejudices and most of all imaginations that appear as truth. The mind, as the home of illusion, is the Adamic door open to listen to the snake.

“What I think is true, I believe is truth because I think it. I need no proof and want no evidence. I only need to consider it, judge it and then it is my truth, I don’t care if it’s a lie.”

Thinking spawns Emotion and then Emotion rules and so the life is rolling on the road to Delusion.

John and Jennifer are present to their heart-musings and are in on their board meetings. And as John says, “I am aware who is trying to pull the takeover.”

Keep and guard your heart with all vigilance
and above all that you guard,
for out of it flow the springs of life.
Proverbs 4:23 Amplified

Or from the NLT:
Guard your heart above all else,
for it determines the course of your life.

That is a simple statement and not exaggerated.  Your heart process determines the course of your entire life, its success or failure!

Tragically, most of us are not willing to live from the heart as did David who is the great expert of heart-living. A “man after God’s own heart”…not because David’s heart was pure but because it was above all, always honest, and willing to be probed and corrected. He could be approached and corrected about his heart. Comes prophet Nathan about Uriah.

The real story of Get Along With God is that Jennifer and John – and now others who are joining this journey – truly know how to do that and they are showing you how. It is a great secret lost on most of Christianity. They are showing you how to get along with Him. And the always-wonderful outcome of experiencing God’s Presence!

Ever they succeed! Because ever He is pleased.

They hit life and life hits them.  Their spirit is disturbed, unsettled, so they go to the boardroom for the meeting. But the Mind is put at the end of the table. Feelings are told to be listen and speak only when spoken to. And Christ is welcomed to come in as the Head of this meeting. The issues, the appearance of things, are brought to Him. He listens, He understands and He presides as Negotiator and Counselor. Every part is exposed and submitted to him.

John and Jen are meeting with the Head of their own complex organization and they are listening as Christ sorts out the ‘issues of the heart.’  And as He persuades and reveals, every part at the meeting is won to His side. Mind agrees. Emotion realizes it feels wrong. Old Wounds are told to be healed by forgiveness. (Old Wounds are always sneaking into this meeting.)

Conscience has the floor and the Rule – the Bible – is read to affirm that what the spirit ‘feels troubled about’ is actual.

The life is not measuring up to the Rule (Bible). Everyone agrees with the Prince of Peace and harmony is restored. Joy bursts forth and there is a party of celebration.

This is what John and Jennifer are showing you. They are telling-by-living, how to Get Along With God!

Tomorrow: The result? Oh, God is pleased.
And you get to enjoy His enjoyment of you.

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    • Sam

      This post is a paramount unveiling of life issues. It is quite amazing. Thank you for sharing.

    • Sandy


    • Susan

      Excellent Martha!

    • Patricia

      Martha–what a brilliant analogy, giving us clear insight as to what’s roiling around inside of us and giving direction as to the best way to handle it. I’ve noticed that frequently, ‘Denial’ vies for a prominent seat at the table. Looking forward to Part 2. Thank you and God Bless you for all your help.

      • martha

        Oh, Patricia! Denial is a big participant, isn’t ‘she’?? That one didn’t occur to me. Lie shows up also. Well there are many at the meeting, right?
        Thanks with joy for expanding the participants. It would take a huge list to add all the parts of ME that show up, wouldn’t it? (smiling)

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    • Diane Wall

      Thank you , thank you, thank you, Martha!

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