S#!t Happens! C’est la vie


I have heard this saying for years, occasionally saying it in fact.  As an unsaved man, it was a way to shrug off things that were potentially painful.  “This is out of my control, it is now in the past and I will deal with it the best I can.”  A surrender to the cosmos as one who is tossed by its whim and fancy; a leaf in the torrent unable to direct my path.  My response: “S#!t Happens!” C’est la vie…

S#!t Happens! A Tale of Woe

S#@t Happens! A Tale of Woe C'est la vie
So how this came up was through my interaction with a cashier at a Publix grocery store off A1A.  He was a young, stocky ginger with a round pumpkin-shaped head.  His skin was fair but his movements rough.  I could easily see him with a great big bushy red beard crossing the highlands in a kilt.  He told me of losing his leg in a motorcycle accident.  His response was to commemorate it by affixing the phrase “S#!t Happens” to the back of his motorcycle helmet, which he rarely wore.  His rational was that helmets assist in snapping riders’ necks leaving them to be just pretty vegetables.  He is a voyager on a reckless path!

I didn’t have it to jam Jesus down his throat; I don’t believe that has any fruit.  Bar the Spirit moving on me, I pass through this world as only an observer.  But what I did see was the contrast between the world’s “C’est la vie” attitude and the surrender to the One who is sovereign over life and the apparent happenstance.

C’est la vie

C'est la vie As a truly born-again believer, Another directs my path.  My steps are guided and covered under the umbrella of His sovereign choices.  Does this preclude me from pain and suffering?  Certainly not.  What it does do is assure me of His heavenly Reward and, more immediately, a purpose beyond my momentary seeing. My vision is too limited to rest my destiny on chance.  He is my path and my steps are made eternal through His choices.

So surrender is inevitable, to the wind of the Spirit or the torrent of chaos.  “S#!t Happens” is the saying of one with no vision, no future and no purpose.  The young man was being honest in his lost state.  He admitted to and embraced his aimless stance.  Yes, I do desire him to see meaning beyond his circumstances.  Yes, I will pray the Lord breaks in to rescue this highlander.  But for now, seeing the contrast expands my vision and seeing His Life as lived through His created ones.  Ultimately, Jesus came into Publix for a reckless wanderer.  As far as I’m concerned, the highlander rubbed elbows with Christ and told Him about his plight.  “S#!t Happens!” C’est la vie! It was a cry. He wasn’t telling me; he was telling Christ and Christ heard him.  We both left the exchange richer. I don’t know how it will manifest in his life, but for me, I saw more of the kingdom. This is what it is to walk in the world as Christ’s vessel.

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