Relationship with God in the Present Moment


I have been exploring what it means to focus on the present moment in recent posts. Yet today I want to take the whole thing into a definitive direction. I have alluded to this facet before, but I want to hit it straight on and make it the focus. Our relationship with God is only found in our present moment. Bold statement but true.

Relationship with God

Relationship with God
If I am looking at the past or fearing my future, I am actually not relating to my NOW God. You may ask, “Are you saying that if I fail to be in the present moment that God won’t be in relationship with me?” Certainly not! God is there whether I am relating to Him or not. The difference is, if I am not in my current moment, I am not actually involved in that relationship. Yes, God is the God of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow but He engages me in my NOW. Truly this moment is all I have with Him.

As I said in my last post, most people live 95% of the day in the past or in the future but not in the moment. And this is a recipe for destruction. Imagine, if 95% of our time is lived out of the moment, then that means that only 5% of our day has the potentiality of relationship with God. WOW, talk about shortchanging God! Relationships don’t take place in a mythical realm of backtracking the past or bracing for the future. Relationships are in the now. They happen in the present moment. If I am not present, I am not in relationship with anyone.

Think about the typical scenario where a father is too busy with work to be involved with his children. He brings work home or he is at work and never really has time to give any more than a cursory response. Is he in relationship with his kids? Certainly not. We have to be in the now and present to be in relationship. And this is where the union takes place. We can’t be elsewhere and still in our relationship.

Dependence in the Present Moment

Dependence in the Present Moment
Here is another aspect of this. Only in the present moment am I able to be dependent on God. We know He like’s this stance a whole lot, so think about it. If I am fixated on the past or future, I am in self-sufficiency. I am trying to personally fix things, whether it is a patchwork job or a plan to protect. But ultimately it is “ME” I am looking to as source. This won’t do.

My life is to be lived in the present moment and my God looks to meet me there. He desires my presence just like I desire His in the present moment. Of course I want a God of yesteryear or an eternal Most High on the Throne. I want His omnipresent and omnipotent reality, but I also need Him in my NOW. So, if I have this earnest desire to encounter my God, why wouldn’t I remain in my present moment to be with Him?

Refuse to worry about tomorrow, but deal with each challenge that comes your way, one day at a time. Tomorrow will take care of itself.
Matthew 6:34 TPT

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1 year ago

We live in an age that’s rewriting history, promising a ‘better’ future. It leaves the core problem untouched, because only God can change a heart, only the Spirit can renew a mind. God’s peculiar people, in, not of, the world. To decide what should ‘go away’ & ‘what’ should come, & how things should ‘be’ now, is not relationship with the Person of Christ in His presence. Who can bear the upheavals of the world, of hearts & lives? Not re-writer’s & plotters of self-love. LIFE burst from the death-grave! The final statement of the Life of dependence & obedience… Read more »

2 years ago


2 years ago

“If I am fixated on the past or future, I am in self-sufficiency. I am trying to personally fix things, whether it is a patchwork job or a plan to protect. But ultimately it is “ME” I am looking to as source. This won’t do.” That line is what the Lord has been speaking to me so thank you confirming. I also feel in my case with worry, it is not just self sufficiency, but idolatry, rebellion (I will be God by fixing things or people, in reality or somehow magically by my worrying), and also perhaps witchcraft (if I… Read more »

2 years ago
Reply to  Celia

Deal Celia, I will go there with you. The alternative is so destructive. I don’t want to play God in any scenario! I am really horrible at it. Both over myself and involving others. And that is a good point, it is idolatry!